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We’ve assembled a portfolio of drones that are purpose-built for punishing commercial, industrial, and agricultural environments. Each of these UAVs are flight-tested and regularly deployed on behalf of the world's leading enterprises by our own expert drone pilots.

Most of our drones come with flight software that enables basic drone and sensor operations. For advanced mapping and analytics, such as for use with PrecisionAnalytics, these drones are compatible with a variety of commercial drone flight software.

Our team of drone experts can help you pick the right flight platform, given your goals. Get in touch!

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Selecting a Drone

There’s no one perfect drone for all commercial applications. Selecting the right one requires that you consider the type of data you want to collect, the size of your area of interest, and the environment in which you'll be flying.

Will you be collecting photos or multiple sensing data types at once?

Are you wanting to map small corridors or hundreds of acres?
Will you be flying in warm, gentle breezes or sub-zero gales?
By answering these questions, you'll have a better idea of which drone is best suited to your needs. For example, if you’re seeking to fly vast farm fields or oil basins, you might need the range and efficiency available in a fixed-wing drone. Contrastingly, if you'll be navigating small corridors or windy airspace, you should consider a multirotor drone as it has a nimble and versatile flight form factor.

It's easy to get lost in the technical details of drone technology. Here are the elements that you'll find most helpful as you evaluate drone hardware:
Form factor (multirotor vs. fixed-wing vs. VTOL)--multirotor drones typically have 4-8 rotors. They hover like a helicopter. Comparingly, fixed-wing drones look and fly like an airplane. Vertical take-off and landing drones (VTOL) combine the form factors, with rotors that pivot to take off like a multirotor drone and fly like a fixed-wing drone.
Flight time, with sensor payload--with a visual, multispectral, thermal, LiDAR or another sensor payload aboard, the length of time the drone can stay in the air in a single deployment
Range (Wireless)--the diameter representing the furthest distance away a drone can fly from the operator, as limited by the wireless controller. While this is often less than its physical range, it’s illegal to fly your drone beyond your visual line of sight (BVLOS), roughly a half-mile away, without authorization.
Range (Physical)--at top or cruising speed, the maximum miles/kilometers a drone can fly
Payload capacity--the most weight that a drone can carry. All of our commercial UAVs can carry the sensors most commonly used for commercial applications. For heavier sensors, we recommend bigger drones.
Cruise speed--how fast the drone flies at optimal velocity

DJI Matrice 200 V2

The M200 V2 is well-suited to various commercial applications. For one, it has an enclosed exterior, rated IP44, which blocks out rain, sleet, and other elements. It also offers superior flight stability, even in windy conditions. The M200 V2's dual-battery system heats batteries automatically when deployed in low temperatures.

  • Flight Time: 38 minutes
  • Range (wireless): 5 miles
  • Payload Capacity: 1.45 kg
  • Cruise Speed: 38 mph
  • Max Speed: 50 mph


DJI’s M210 RTK V2 features onboard power and built-in RTK modules that are compatible with D-RTK 2 Mobile Stations. This enables the drone to record precise geospatial location data as it collects data from a given sensor payload. For those pilots needing just onboard power, the M210 V2 is also available without the RTK module.

  • Flight Time: 34 minutes
  • Range (wireless): 5 miles
  • Payload Capacity: 1.23 kg
  • Cruise Speed: 38 mph
  • Max Speed: 50 mph

BFD 1400-SE8

The BFD 1400-SE8 is an extra-large drone featuring a high payload capacity and plentiful battery stowage. It can fly up to 12kgs and still remain under 25kg. The SE8 is also flight computer-agnostic. So, you can customize your flight controller, telemetry modem, and off-board computer--including DJI’s flight control systems.

  • Flight Time: 60 minutes
  • Range (wireless): 3 miles
  • Payload Capacity: 11 kg
  • Cruise Speed: 45 mph

DJI Matrice 600 Pro

The Matrice 600 Pro is built big for heavy payloads and tough to withstand harsh industrial environments. Its arms and antennas are preinstalled, making setup a breeze. The airframe features DJI's A3 Pro flight controller, Lightbridge 2 HD transmission system, and intelligent batteries. Our flight team has deployed this absolute unit to move anything from hyperspectral cameras to refrigerators.

  • Flight Time: 32 minutes
  • Range (wireless): 3,1 miles
  • Payload Capacity: 1.23 kg
  • Max Speed: 40 mph


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