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Our BVLOS team can help you develop the strategy, training and safety measures critical to deploying successful missions. Get assistance:

  • Assessing organizational needs

  • Selecting drone platforms

  • Conducting pilot training and performance evaluations

  • Developing tailored training materials

  • Supervising initial BVLOS flights

  • Ensuring your entire organization is integrated with BVLOS operations


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PrecisionHawk and FAA share the results of the Pathfinder Initiative at an event in Washington D.C. in February 2018

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We’ll train your operators in BVLOS flight, and work with you to develop a full operations playbook, specific to your organization.

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Our BVLOS research

BVLOS represents the next big opportunity for commercial drone operations. With BVLOS, limitless applications and efficiencies are within reach.

Yet over 99% of BVLOS waiver applications have been rejected by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

To make the technology more accessible for all, we conducted research under the FAA’s Pathfinder program to develop technologies, safety guidelines and best practices. We’ve summarized the findings in our new whitepaper. Read now to learn:

  • How BVLOS can help businesses collect data in a safe, cost-efficient manner
  • Recommendations and findings from three years of BVLOS safety research
  • Safety measures, technology, training and hardware needed for successful BVLOS operations


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