Yield better results and leverage geospatial intelligence, from selecting sites for future facilities to decommissioning equipment. Amplify the volume and detail of your data collection with a GIS solution—so you can make targeted, timely, and effective business decisions.

Facility Inspection Data Value Chain

Our industry-leading geospatial technology portfolio, engineered for facility inspection projects:

DISCOVER  icon-dvc6

Define facility shot sheets and data delivery requirements. For facility or plant, operators can use the highest-resolution cameras and the largest drones and still be cost-effective.


COLLECT  icon-dvc5

Deploy drones in and around facility to capture RGB, visual, and LiDAR imagery. You can supplement with ground inspection to get a variety of angles.

PROCESS  icon-dvc4

QC data and call-in any “criticals” identified while in the field. Our data analyst team produces structural models using LiDAR data to deliver exact measures of the height, depth, health, and equipment in plants and facilities.


ANALYZE  icon-dvc2

Quickly evaluate facility conditions using imagery. Produce 3D models to validate the delta between what was intended to be built and what was actually built, or determine whether ordered changes have been made.


REPORT  icon-dvc3

Produce a report highlighting areas of concern and determine whether ordered changes have been made.


ACTION  icon-dvc1

Deliver imagery and 3D models to O&M and engineering for detailed planning and budgeting.

  • Refine capital budgets using a comprehensive accounting of your facilities, including precise geolocation
  • Prioritize facility maintenance based on indicators of condition
  • Plan future construction
  • Apply for permits and produce planometrics
  • Fuel network engineering strategy, modeling out-of-compliance assets in relation to other assets, roadways, and zoning
  • Prove regulatory compliance
  • Detail work orders, with robust imagery, to repair immediate issues
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