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Increase the efficiency of your macrocell towers with PrecisionHawk’s end-to-end asset management solution. Autonomous drone flight, automated analysis, streamlined reporting, and an accelerated workflow combine to offer accurate insights into every piece of equipment on your towers.

If you don’t know what’s on your towers, equipment that belongs to other businesses—but hasn’t been accounted for—could be draining your profits. You also need visibility into the health of that equipment: even the slightest damage to an antenna or other component can throw off the cellular coverage for tens of thousands of customers.

That’s why telecommunications companies need a system for navigating, annotating, and organizing equipment data—one that standardizes how the organization views its assets. This is especially important as you acquire new sites and improve existing towers to handle the demands that 5G will impose.

That’s where PrecisionHawk comes in. With PrecisionFlight Tower—a tower-specific autonomous drone flight application—and PrecisionAnalytics Tower—an AI-powered analysis engine that accelerates and automates the analysis of your asset data—telecommunications companies can quickly and precisely identify the equipment on a structure. The system aggregates the data into an intuitive, web-based interface that’s accessible from anywhere.

PrecisionAnalytics Tower can identify and measure equipment on a structure with an accuracy of 1/16”.

PrecisionFlight and PrecisionAnalytics Tower are part of PrecisionHawk’s streamlined solution for data collection, processing, and reporting that makes it easier to start using GIS intelligence.


  • Less downtime due to damage from birds, severe weather, and other issues
  • Faster fixes to tower damage
  • Higher profits: identify equipment on your towers that has not been contracted and paid for
  • Easier TIA inspections with fast and accurate data collection and reporting
  • Faster insurance claims: insurers and claims adjusters can get a comprehensive view of assets

PrecisionHawk discovered that one major tower owner had twice the amount of equipment on their towers than was contracted and paid for.



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PrecisionHawk has developed industry-leading fully autonomous flight software to capture cell tower data. In the field, operators use PrecisionFlight Tower to capture imagery of the complete tower with a fully automated flight plan, in which software navigates and maneuvers the drone. You can tap into our network of highly trained drone pilots, or we can train your own team to conduct flights. Once operators collect image data, they upload it to the tower owner’s PrecisionHawk portal.

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PrecisionAnalytics Tower, developed in partnership with a leading telecommunications company, uses proprietary AI algorithms to cross-reference the uploaded imagery against asset data. The software then flags issues, producing a collection of imagery prioritized by asset health. Within hours, a report is generated in a centralized web-based system and delivered via instant co-location to off-site engineers for assessment.


The Tower application:

  • Is optimized for web-based viewing and analysis
  • Includes tower and structure measurement tools
  • Enables multi-user roles and simultaneous login for collaboration
  • Can export in multiple file formats
  • Has API plug-in functionality

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You can use the insights derived from PrecisionAnalytics Tower to prioritize work orders according to risk, identify deltas in equipment counts and locations, surface trends in a group of assets over time, produce powerful maps, models and measurements, and more. Flexible reporting and integration allow you to easily share these insights with key stakeholders.


  • Refine capital budgets
  • Prioritize improvements
  • Fuel network engineering strategy
  • Prove regulatory compliance
  • Detail work orders with robust imagery
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PrecisionHawk has completed over 10,000 flights of tower infrastructure in the U.S.

PrecisionFlight and PrecisionAnalytics Deliver Data Insights for Smarter Business Decisions



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PrecisionFlight Tower

To execute missions, our pilots (or your pilots) use PrecisionFlight Towerour autonomous flight software designed specifically for tower owners’ 3D-model (“digital twin”) data capture requirements.

The software’s intelligent flight planning enables operators to deploy manual, semi-autonomous, and fully autonomous missions that comply with regulations and safety management systems.

While capturing cell tower conditions at a single point in time is useful, you gain greater insight by tracking trends over a given period. Using PrecisionFlight Tower’s repeatable flight plans, operators can capture multiple data sets, from separate missions, that precisely correlate.

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PrecisionAnalytics Tower

PrecisionAnalytics Tower is a robust web-based processing and analysis engine, designed to automate the identification of macrocell tower issues. Once a drone operator has collected the requisite imagery, they upload it into PrecisionHawk’s cloud-based system.

PrecisionAnalytics Tower then cross-references the uploaded imagery against thousands of terabytes of cell tower data, flagging issues.

Finally, the system produces a collection of 3D imagery prioritized by cell tower health.

Manage the expensive equipment on your towers with digital twins—3D point clouds that represent every piece of equipment and every component on all your assets.

Shareable, Speedy & Secure

Efficient processing.
Offload time-intensive data aggregation and annotation to artificial intelligence.

Rich and precise analytics.
Exploit high-resolution imagery and data to produce powerful maps, models, and measurements of asset health.

Distributed intelligence.
Deliver insights across your organization through accessible reporting and integrations.

Guard your data in a NIST 800-171 compliant repository.


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