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We offer an integrated platform of drone and sensor hardware, flight and analytics software, and services for business.

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By incorporating drones, sensors, data analysis, and reporting into an end-to-end solution, we’ve made it easier than ever to start using aerial intelligence. Our clients are replacing:

  • Dangerous on-the-ground and manned aircraft inspections with drone deployments
  • Unstructured, unactionable data with integrated data delivered directly to systems of record
  • Hours of tedious data review with machine intelligence
  • Data overload with a focused system of reporting.

We're here to help you seize the aerial frontier of business intelligence. Speak with one of our experts today.

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1. Discover & Plan


PrecisionHawk’s industry experts help you define your objectives, flight plan, and technology portfolio.

2. Collect & Verify

Get data, starting now. With turnkey flight software and the largest drone pilot network in the world, drone-based aerial intelligence is at your fingertips.

3. Process & Analyze


Avoid technical and time-intensive data analysis by using PrecisionAnalytics and PrecisionHawk's data team to produce maps and models.

A Business Case for Drones

New to remote sensing? Already collecting data but haven’t tried drones? Here’s how to make the case for a drone investment--we identify the four criteria of a strong business case and offer guidance on how to present it, including: 

  • Building your team
  • Developing and evaluating a drone solution
  • Gaining buy-in through effective communication
  • Managing change
  • Drafting the case 

Learn from our experience working with leaders in major industries, government, and Fortune 100 enterprises and present a winning drone-based business case.



1. Discover & Plan

Adopting emerging technology can be daunting. But PrecisionHawk's experts can help. Draw on our pilots, accredited geospatial scientists, and policy analysts to build drone solution and/or business program. From proof-of-concept to global scale, our consultants will assist you in defining a comprehensive strategy, not just a point solution.

First, they’ll learn what you aim to measure. With those objectives in mind, our consultants will assist you in scoping your drone platform or program:

  1. Business case development: They’ll help you identify the costs of your solution and forecast return on investment.
  2. Aerial technology definition: Based on your area of interest, our flight operations leaders will specify the appropriate drones, sensors, and software.
  3. Process and safety management system design: We’ll develop an approach to drone operations that integrates with your current operations and safety protocols.
  4. Data quality and security diagnostics: Our data analysts will account for quality requirements, as well as your data secure chain of custody.
  5. Change management and governance: PrecisionHawk’s project managers will help you manage change and the overall program.

With this thoughtfully designed program, you’ll be ready to fly.


Drones are more accessible than ever before, with more models offering longer flight times, greater payload capacities and the ability to fly in varying conditions. Selecting the right drone for a given application can be challenging. PrecisionHawk helps professionals select the optimal drones for their missions, resulting in faster, safer, and more precise data-gathering.

DJI M200 V2
BFD 1400-SE8
DJI M600 Pro


Mounted to drones, today’s advanced sensor technology has the ability to capture rich data. Data that businesses are using to solve to make more informed decisions. The sensors are smaller, lighter, more powerful and often more specialized than previous, aircraft-based versions.



In drone-based remote sensing, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors are unrivaled in their geospatial precision and fidelity, with point clouds of up to 500 points/sq m and a vertical elevation accuracy of 2-3 centimeters.



Deployed on drones, thermographic sensors make it possible to collect radiometric data over wide areas and hard-to-reach places. Built-in visual and heat analytics make thermal analysis accessible for a variety of applications.



Most commonly used in farming, multispectral sensors capture both visible and invisible light radiation, dividing the spectral data into its individual bands. It can be used to monitor crop health, identify plant disease, and assess water quality.

Ready-to-Fly Drone Packages

Looking for a turnkey package that'll get you collecting aerial data quickly? We’ve assembled a set of Ready-to-Fly packages for collecting visual, multispectral, thermal, and LiDAR data. They include:

  • Drone, recommended by our pro flight team
  • Sensor, selected by our data scientists
  • Batteries, controllers, displays, and other key accessories
  • Hard-cover case

Get in touch and get ready for take-off.

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2. Collect & Verify

Getting actionable analytics starts with collecting timely and accurate geospatial data. So, it's critical that you take the right approach to flying drones. Should you do the flying or should you hire a drone pilot? That depends on your requirements, timeline, budget, and appetite for risk.
Whether you're flying drones yourself, building a team of pilots, or needing to outsource your aerial intelligence, PrecisionHawk has the data collection tools and resources you need.


Plan and execute sophisticated missions

PrecisionFlight Pro puts advanced drone flight at your fingertips. Plan routes using digital elevation and 3D models. Deploy waypoint-guided flight plans and advanced sensors, such as LiDAR and hyperspectral. Emulate flights and set three-dimensional boundaries.

Fly remotely and offline; view live streaming video from multiple locations

Deploy advanced sensors, such as LiDAR and hyperspectral

Manage, collaborate, and share data with anyone.

Hire Our Pilots

The skills of your drone operators are critical to the safety and effectiveness of your drone operations. Our pilots-in-command understand your objectives and follow rigorous procedures. For our efforts, we've earned A-grades on ISNet for many of our Fortune 100 clientele and ISO certification.


Tap Our Network

PrecisionHawk's drone pilot network is the largest in the world. Just post a job and we'll immediately match you with local pilots who are capable and interested in capturing data on your behalf. You pay only after you've received your data, using our secure payment platform.

Get Flights Now

Our expert pilot team is available to collect data, on your behalf. Whether for basic visual imagery or advanced remote sensing, our pilots have the expertise to deliver the data you need. We take care of everything for you:

  • Pilot and visual observer
  • Insurance
  • All regulatory filings
  • All state taxes and filings
  • UAVs and sensors
  • Data quality assurance
  • Data delivery
  • Travel costs

Get drone-based data collected now. Talk to our flight planning team.

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3. Process & Analyze

Use artificial intelligence to turn aerial data into business intelligence.

If you’re scouting thousands of acres of farmland or inspecting hundreds of thousands of utility towers, you need an efficient and effective means for processing your aerial data. With PrecisionAnalytics, you can automatically surface issues before they cause critical problems and deliver data-accessibility to your entire organization. Get maps, models, and exportable reports.


Apply artificial intelligence to unlock the potential of your aerial data.

Using drones, enterprises are capturing an unprecedented volume of aerial data. But, to unlock the data's potential, business leaders need a systematic approach to aggregating, analyzing, and actioning their aerial intelligence.


Efficient processing. Offload time-intensive data aggregation and annotation to machine vision.


Rich and precise analytics. Exploit high-resolution drone data to produce powerful maps, models, and measurements.


Distributed intelligence. Deliver insights across your organization with flexible reporting and integration.

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