The complete aerial mapping, modeling, and inspection platform for the enterprise. Apply the latest generation of artificial intelligence to your aerial data and automate analysis, streamline reporting, and accelerate your work.

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Use artificial intelligence to turn aerial data into business intelligence.

Whether you’re scouting thousands of acres of farmland or inspecting hundreds of thousands of utility towers, with PrecisionAnalytics, you can surface issues before they cause critical problems, and deliver data accessibility and portability to your organization.  

Using drones, enterprises are capturing an unprecedented volume of aerial data. But, to unlock the data's potential, business leaders need a systematic approach to aggregating, analyzing, and actioning their aerial intelligence.

Apply machine vision to unlock the potential of your aerial data.

  • Efficient processing. Offload time-intensive data aggregation and annotation to machine vision.
  • Rich and precise analytics. Exploit high-resolution drone data to produce powerful maps, models, and measurements.
  • Distributed intelligence. Deliver insights across your organization with flexible reporting and integration.

Part of a Complete Aerial Data Solution

For businesses that already have aerial data, PrecisionAnalytics is available as a standalone tool.
However, for those that need support in developing a strategy, collecting data, or delivering intelligence, we offer services across the full data value chain.

Here's how it works:



Credentialed pilots deploy visual, thermal, LiDAR, or multispectral sensors to collect data over your assets.


Process and Analyze

Overseen by our data scientists, the sensor data is processed by proprietary AI algorithms that interpret the data.


Deliver and Action

Reports summarize analysis and identify issues. Machine learning can be applied to surface trends in a group of assets or over time.

From using PrecisionAnalytics to scaling a worldwide drone program, our consultants can help.


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PrecisionAnalytics for Your Industry



Ground teams, via today’s traditional manner of inspection, typically find that 10% of distribution poles are out of compliance. In contrast PrecisionHawk, on average, found that the number is typically between 25%-30%. PrecisionAnalytics Distribution is a cloud-based system that uses machine learning to automate the identification of distribution pole and component damage. It cross-references the uploaded imagery against distribution pole data and flags issues, producing a collection of imagery prioritized by asset health.

Learn more about PrecisionAnalytics Distribution



With PrecisionAnalytics Transmission, utilities can replace dangerous helicopter inspections, reducing inspection costs by up to 28%, and gain unprecedented insight into the condition of assets. The platform applies machine vision to identify areas of concern such as cracked insulators, corrosion or structural issues, and aggregates collected data to provide infrastructure statistics, vegetation maps, detailed views, and historical record keeping. For one top 50 American utility, PrecisionHawk’s drone services increased the areas of concern identified by 42%.

Learn more about PrecisionAnalytics Transmission



Using PrecisionAnalytics Wind, some of the world’s leading turbine OEMs and servicers have reduced climbs—today’s traditional manner of inspection—by 50% and the cost of their inspections by 80%. PrecisionAnalytics Wind offers intuitive reporting features and AI-driven change detection that can identify issues such as leading-edge corrosion, lightning strike damage, small cracks and wearing, gel coat degradation and UV radiation damage on an entire fleet or a particular blade. With PrecisionAnalytics Wind, turbine operators can reduce hazardous man hours, accelerate analysis, reduce time-to-value of data and increase uptime through preventative maintenance.

Learn more about PrecisionAnalytics Wind



PrecisionAnalytics Solar can measure the condition of an entire fleet or a single module. With purpose-built machine learning, the platform detects issues such as cell-level defects, bad diodes, reverse polarity, storm damage, rack shifts and foreign objects. Users of PrecisionAnalytics Solar can integrate the solution with their existing asset management program, reducing the time required to conduct inspections—today, traditionally done by plane flyovers or by foot—by up to 90%, identifying up to 10 times as many issues and predicting future outages so that they can prioritize needed repairs.

Learn more about PrecisionAnalytics Solar


PrecisionAnalytics—Oil and Gas

Oil and gas supermajors are using PrecisionAnalytics to replace dangerous manned aircraft inspections with drone deployments and hours of tedious image review with machine intelligence, ultimately gaining unprecedented insight into the condition of critical assets. The solution offers leading thermal, infrared and LiDAR sensors, a methane detection laser and optical gas indicators that can capture asset conditions at a single point of time. With geospatial data that does not compromise the assets themselves, managers can integrate with existing enterprise resource planning systems, report their findings and take action.

Learn more about PrecisionAnalytics Oil and Gas



PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture is a powerful, but accessible, tool for turning aerial data into actionable intelligence. Using the software, farmers can process aerial data from multiple drone missions to identify and correct areas of concern before a planting season, during the growing season, or before harvest. The software features vegetative health indexing, plant and livestock counting, and tree crown sizing. Farmers can aggregate these measures into custom zones and plots before exporting prescription maps and other data sets into farm management systems. Ultimately, the technology is empowering a more accurate and holistic view of the farm.

Learn more about PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture

Why PrecisionHawk?

We’ve built our offerings to scale. From investing in geospatial science expertise to understanding the regulatory environment, we’re able to support a one-time flight or a fully integrated enterprise aerial intelligence program.


The World’s Largest Commercial Drone Pilot Network

More than 15,000 licensed operators are available to fly any site in the United States within 24 to 72 hours.

Regulatory management

All our FAA Part 107 certified and insured pilots follow PrecisionHawk’s OSHA-compliant Standard Operating Procedures and an FAA-defined Safety Management System. We also hold an  “A” grade from ISNet.

Fast, actionable intelligence

It’s not a PDF or a pile of photos. We offer a web interface with a report you can integrate into your asset management systems.

Leaders in Drone-based Geospatial Science

Our industry-leading team of Ph.D. and remote sensing-accredited geospatial scientists ensure the quality and accuracy of data outcomes.

Experts in Advanced Remote Sensing Hardware

We help you select the best sensor for the job, and understand the unique needs of solar PV installs.

Services and solutions to help you manage your solar assets

Want to further integrate drones into your preventive maintenance and incident recovery programs? We offer a full suite of services that strengthen the data value chain. The result: You can manage your solar infrastructure efficiently and effectively.  

Colin Snow, Skylogic Research

"We think [PrecisionHawk's recent acquisitions] position the firm as a leading service provider for companies wanting to perform asset inspections—specifically those companies in the oil & gas, insurance, and utility industries that need BVLOS operations."


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