Drone-based Mapping and Analytics for Agriculture

See growth trends, count and size plants, generate prescription maps, identify early indicators of plant stress, and measure the zonal efficiency of your farm. All through a turn-key, web-based platform.

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PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture is the complete aerial mapping and agronomy software platform. See growth trends, count and size plants, generate prescription maps, identify early indicators of plant stress, and measure the zonal efficiency of your farm. All through a turn-key, web-based crop data management platform.

Based on millions of acres of crop data and 10 years of agriculture analytics experience, PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture harnesses the power of artificial intelligence for use by farming professionals: 

  • Growers can make more precise and effective crop management decisions, maximizing yield potential and profitability
  • Crop consultants can share with customers quantifiable measures of crop health data, via intuitive visualizations, in a single click
  • Crop insurers can capture an exact and objective accounting of crop losses to refine their claims payouts
  • Agrochemical researchers and seed scientists can capture whole fields (instead of sampling) and segment the data plot-by-plot 

Ag software for ag professionals. Automated crop counting and sizing, on-demand vegetative indices, and flexible zonal statistics are just a few reasons why agriculture professionals choose PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture. PrecisionHawk is trusted by the world’s largest agrochemical and seed companies and leading agricultural research institutions.

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How It Works

PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture is a web-based portal designed specifically for agriculture users. It automatically processes aerial imagery into 2D maps and 3D elevation models, features a continuously expanding library of on-demand analysis tools, and makes sharing data easy.

Automatically generate georeferenced orthomosaics from data collected using drone-compatible sensors, including visual (RGB), 3-Band multispectral, and thermal, made by DJI, Parrot Sequoia, MicaSense Red Edge M/MX, and MicaSense Altum.

Get access to a continually expanding library of professional, on-demand farming analysis tools to gain the critical insights you want, when you need them.

Collect aerial data with your drone.
Upload data to your account and generate high resolution maps and elevations.
Analyze and summarize data with on-demand analysis tools.

Manage and share data with anyone.



Take action with zonal statistics and prescription maps.



Download our solution brief to learn how you can deploy drone-based solutions to optimize agricultural operations to get:

  • Greater insights into farming assets and livestock, with more accurate and consistent data
  • Significant reduction in scouting and measuring costs, making it more scalable and repeatable
  • More time-efficient operations, enabling decision-making in days instead of weeks
  • Greater crop yields with fewer inputs


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Analysis Made Easy with On-Demand Analytic Tools

PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture is powerd by the latest in machine learning and machine vision algorithms, packaged into tools in an intuitive point-and-click web-based interface.



See Plant Health with NDVI, VARI, GRVI, and Other Vegetative Indices

Apply a vegetative index, such as NDVI or VARI, to quickly surface trends in plant health across your fields and gain a precise, quantitative measure of the impact your inputs decision-making. At the click of a button, see a green versus red overlay of their imagery. The green areas indicate the strongest vegetative health, with grades of orange, yellow, and then red indicating diminishing vigor. Adjust the gradation to clarify crops from grass and weeds, and more importantly plants that are healthy versus those that are not. Alternatively, map thermal data.


Evaluate Crop Elevation and Damage

After a storm, quickly assess the extent of damage to your crops. Use Elevation View to analyze the difference between the height of your crop and the ground. The tool will show you a darker green where the elevation dips, and lighter green where the elevation rises. For example, farmers and crop insurers can use Elevation View to assess a canopy of corn and where there might be green snap, lodging, or an entire stand laid flat. This enables them to quickly decide if the crop is salvageable and whether to process a crop insurance claim.


Count and Size Plants

Apply the Plant Counting and Sizing tool over an area of interest to analyze crop emergence, segment crops by size, and track plant development throughout multiple growth stages. With this tool, a dot will appear over every plant counted, resulting in a highly accurate count of the number of plants per acre. The tool can also delineate plant canopies, in the case of tree and vegetable crops. Each dot is colorized to indicate a given plant’s size relative to the entire population. Draw perimeters for ad-hoc counts or establish zones to compare multiple parts of the field.


Define Custom Zones and Plots

Shape your analysis to the unique characteristics of a field by defining custom zones or creating automatic and custom-defined plots. You can then calculate aggregated statistics on an area-by-area basis—from large zones to small plots—and export statistics for each one. Quickly define plots using an instant grid tool and refine boundaries in an intuitive point-and-click interface.


Generate Prescription Maps

Produce on-demand prescription maps, as precise as 3-square feet, based on precise vegetative indices. Dictate a pound-per-acre (lb/acre) application of fertilizer, based on several tiers of vegetative vigor. Export directly from the web interface into your farm management system of choice.


Compare Imagery and Analysis Over Time

Toggle between multiple datasets to analyze trends in crop growth. See an archive of all your crop analytics throughout the growing season, from planting to harvest, or compare data across multiple growing seasons.

Share Reports and Collaborate with Anyone

Share live links and dynamic PDF reports to focus your data for a variety of stakeholders, whether they be agronomists, buyers, or farmhands. With a simple checkbox interface, select the layers of data you choose to share on the map. Refine your reporting by zooming into a specific area of interest and have all components of the report update to focus on just that area.


Keep Your Data Organized

Manage your data your way--every upload in PrecisionAnalytics is associated with a user-defined Farm and Field, following the standard hierarchy associated with leading farm management systems. View your data on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.


Take Your Data into the Field

Toggle downsampling to upload and download lower resolution imagery when coping with poor connectivity or slower connection speeds. View original imagery from the flight and upload georectified custom data layers from other sources. While in the field, geolocate yourself on the map to navigate to problem areas.

PrecisionAnalytics Works With Data From All Drones

DJI • BirdsEyeView • SenseFly • Parrot • 3DR • And more


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