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Automate flights, review surveys offline, process and analyze your data into meaningful business intelligence

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Proprietary Software Intuitively Designed for Everyone

Rapidly deploy our drones to survey autonomously, review survey quality anywhere, process and analyze the data into actionable information



Use artificial intelligence to turn aerial data into business intelligence.

Whether you’re scouting thousands of acres of farmland or inspecting hundreds of thousands of utility towers, with PrecisionAnalytics, you can surface issues before they cause critical problems, and deliver data accessibility and portability to your organization.


Fly remotely and offline; view live streaming video from multiple locations



Create repeatable missions that automate flights and data collection


An End-To-End Aerial Data Solution

Make data-driven decisions in less time. The PrecisionHawk platform provides a holistic solution to improve business operations.

From flights to insights, our platform includes all the hardware and software needed for a complete, intuitive, and immediate integration of drone technology.

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