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Government programs must manage growing expectations and shrinking budgets. But, outdated modes of data capture can be inefficient and result in poor data integrity. Though new technology solutions are available to help improve decision-making and program management, adopting them has its challenges.
PrecisionHawk’s Unmanned Aerial Intelligence Technology Center of Excellence (UAS COE) is designed to help government agencies replace costly and inefficient data capture methods with aerial intelligence. The result: improved data integrity and more informed decision-making.
The UAS COE is backed by the cybersecurity expertise of leading government technology firm Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. who draws on their decades-long experience to ensure that emerging drone technology platforms are cyber-sound and -secure.

A Collaborative, Consultative Approach

The UAS COE brings together a diverse group of experts, working collaboratively to consult with government agencies and contractors who want to implement the latest aerial intelligence technology.

This group offers consultative services in strategy, documentation, certification, hardware, software, and personnel, giving government agencies the support they need to build a business case for their project.

The COE's clients benefit from years of experience servicing the world's most influential governmental agencies:

Drone DJI M200

  • U.S. Department of Defense: Working with the Air Force, Army and Navy to support UAS hardware procurement and rapid prototype/pilot projects to show drones in action
  • U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs: Using aerial intelligence to baseline infrastructure for master planning, facility management, and environment studies
  • The Department of Interior: Conduct facility condition assessments to optimize the operations and maintenance of existing infrastructure working with the National Park Service
  • North Carolina State Department of Transportation: providing on-demand support for critical transportation infrastructure inspections during natural disasters and pave the way for future drone operations with medical packaged delivery, through the FAA’s UAS Integrated Pilot Program
  • Many other federal, state, and local agencies leveraging drone technology for inspection, public safety, emergency response, asset and infrastructure management


The Technology Center of Excellence was created to be a flexible, comprehensive resource for government agencies and contractors who want to adopt aerial technology to improve their data-gathering capabilities. Government agencies can depend on the COE to provide force-multiplying surge capabilities and UAS services, on-demand. The services we offer through this group include:


Emerging Technology Awareness

By keeping watch on complex, emerging technologies, the Technology Center of Excellence can help government agencies take a proactive approach to modernization, increasing acquisition confidence.

Proving Return on Investment

The Technology Center of Excellence can design and manage small, pilot projects to help build a business case for more widespread technology adoption. The group can also help evaluate legacy data-gathering approaches and recommend new approaches.

Compliance and Approval

With a firm grasp of the regulatory requirements often present in government projects, the Technology Center of Excellence can help prepare the compliance documentation needed to gain approval.

Technology Consulting

A team of experts in remote sensing hardware, sensors, and software--whether it be for drones, ground, or mobile platforms--can recommend configurations, including platform hardening, based on the application, data requirements, flight environment, and other factors.

Remote Sensing
Automated, continuous, and beyond human capability

Immersive Decision Support
Simulate/ explore to enhance decision making

Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Automated, continuous, and beyond human capability

Open Data Platform
Seamless and SECURE data management architecture

Booz Allen Hamilton

Government Applications


Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Inspections
BUILDER Assessments
Facility/ Roof Inspections
Baseline Inventory/Condition
Digital Simulation Models
PCI Pavement Inspection


Energy Management

Resilience Planning Models
Utility Inventory/Condition
Solar/Wind Turbine
Oil & Gas Inspection


Emergency Management

Enhanced Planning
Post Disaster Imagery
Impact Analysis (Pre/Post)
Obstruction/Debris Field
Flood/Weather Modeling
Stakeholder Communications

Construction Management

Construction Management

Feasibility Analysis
Ongoing Site Monitoring
Design Overlays/ Changes
Visual Progress Updates
Turnover Inspection

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

NEPA/EIS Digital Plans
Vegetation Encroachment
Invasive/Endangered Species Management

DJI Government Edition

PrecisionHawk is an authorized dealer of DJI enterprise products, including DJI Government Edition: a drone-based solution for government agencies with stringent IT and data security requirements:

  • No registration required--no need to register the hardware with DJI
  • DJI Pilot PE--customized Flight Control App
  • Restricted Zone Management--Allows discretionary flight operations in flight-restricted zones

Why PrecisionHawk?

We’ve built our offerings to scale. From investing in geospatial science expertise to understanding the regulatory environment, we’re able to support a one-time flight or a fully integrated enterprise aerial intelligence program.


The World’s Largest Commercial Drone Pilot Network

More than 15,000 licensed operators are available to fly any site in the United States within 24 to 72 hours.

Regulatory management

All our FAA Part 107 certified and insured pilots follow PrecisionHawk’s OSHA-compliant Standard Operating Procedures and an FAA-defined Safety Management System. We also hold an  “A” grade from ISNet.

Fast, actionable intelligence

It’s not a PDF or a pile of photos. We offer a web interface with a report you can integrate into your asset management systems.

Leaders in Drone-based Geospatial Science

Our industry-leading team of Ph.D. and remote sensing-accredited geospatial scientists ensure the quality and accuracy of data outcomes.

Experts in Advanced Remote Sensing Hardware

We help you select the best sensor for the job, and understand the unique needs of your agency.

Services and solutions to help you manage your programs

Want to further integrate drones into your work? We offer a full suite of services that strengthen the data value chain. The result: You can manage your programs more efficiently and effectively.  

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