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  • Plant counting and yield prediction

    Plant counting and yield prediction

    Generate plant counts and forecast yield based on surveys of row-based plants

    Video Sensor
  • Identify individual tree crowns

    Identify individual tree crowns

    Assess tree crown health, diameter, and mean vegetation index values

    Visual Sensor
  • Plant health indices

    Plant health indices

    Assess and monitor plant health throughout the season by producing a general index of live green vegetation

    Visual Sensor
  • Advanced plant health indices

    Advanced plant health indices

    Assess canopy variation in biomass or detect plant stress in mid-to-late growth stages

    3-Band Sensor
  • Plant height measurement

    Plant height measurement

    Assess crop coverage and gauge productivity and overall plant health by measuring plant height

    LiDAR Sensor
  • Canopy cover mapping

    Canopy cover mapping

    Track the progression of your field or forest by measuring how much of the area is covered with vegetation

    Visual Sensor
  • Assess field performance

    Assess field performance

    Quality plot-level statistics on plant count, height, vigor, leaf area, and canopy cover

    5-Band Sensor
  • Field water ponding mapping

    Field water ponding mapping

    Identify and measure areas that cannot be used for growing due to standing water

    5-Band Sensor
  • Scouting reports

    Scouting reports

    Get a snapshot of our field or forest survey's in a single-page report

    Visual Sensor
  • Stockpile measuring

    Stockpile measuring

    monitor the supply and use of feed and fertilizer by measuring its cut-and fill volume

    Visual Sensor
  • Measure chlorophyll to assess plants

    Measure chlorophyll to assess plants

    identify differences in leaf chlorophyll content at leaf and canopy scale

    Visual Sensor
  • Measure nitrogen content in wheat

    Measure nitrogen content in wheat

    Gain insight into heat stress, water use, and plant metabolism

    5-Band Sensor
  • Drought stress identification

    Drought stress identification

    Optimize water usage by monitoring drought stress at different growth stages

    LiDAR Sensor
  • Drainage mapping

    Drainage mapping

    Improve yields and optimize resources by generating elevation maps to identify area requiring drainage

    LiDAR Sensor
  • Weed pressure mapping

    Weed pressure mapping

    Protect crop production through the detection and assessment of invasive weed species

    5-Band Sensor
  • Measure canopy temperature

    Measure canopy temperature

    Gain insight into heat stress, water use, and plant metabolism

    Thermal Sensor
  • Phenotyping and genotyping

    Phenotyping and genotyping

    Identify multiple plants in a single field

    Hyperspectral Sensor
  • Disease pressure mapping

    Disease pressure mapping

    Defend crops through the early detection and identification of diseases

    Hyperspectral Sensor

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