Drone Mapping and Analytics for Agriculture

Count crops, quantify plant health and maximize yield

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Whether you’re a grower, crop consultant, or large enterprise, PrecisionHawk’s drone-based agriculture solution--including drones, sensors, and PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture--will empower you to make more effective and efficient farming decisions.

Deploy a Turnkey Drone Mapping and Analytics Solution for Agriculture

We’ve built our solution based on millions of acres of crop data, 10+ years of experience in farming, and work for the world’s leading crop growers and agricultural research firms. So, you can get enterprise-grade aerial intelligence—featuring easy-to-understand action items and takeaways—using a powerful, turnkey solution.


Here's how it works:




Deploy an array of sensors on any one of a number of our recommended drones to collect crop or livestock data; we do the flying or train you how to do it yourself


Process and Analyze

Upload the data into PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture, our aerial mapping and analytics platform made specifically for agriculture professionals like you


Deliver and Action

Share web links to data (no login required), export dynamic custom PDFs, or produce a prescription map that can be transferred directly into a farm management system


Transform Agricultural Operations

Download our solution brief to learn how you can deploy drone-based solutions to optimize agricultural operations to get:

  • Greater insights into farming assets and livestock, with more accurate and consistent data
  • Significant reduction in scouting and measuring costs, making it more scalable and repeatable
  • More time-efficient operations, enabling decision-making in days instead of weeks
  • Greater crop yields with fewer inputs

Collect: capture crop and livestock data using a drone and sensor platform, purpose-built for agriculture



Whether for aerial photography, agricultural mapping, or drone-based inspections, we can help you select the drone and sensor payloads for your particular farming application. Drones are more accessible than ever before, with more models offering longer flight times, greater payload capacities, and the ability to fly in varying conditions. Select from industrial-grade multirotor, fixed-wing, and vertical take-off and landing flight form factors.


Most drones we offer come standard with a visual (RGB) sensor. But, for cases in which visual imagery isn’t enough to derive precise crop health data, we offer an array of multispectral sensors, enabling users to capture individual, high-resolution bands of light, near-infrared and radiometric thermal data. Get visibility into your crop health, even for densely planted and mid- and late-stage crops--select from agronomist-approved manufacturers MicaSense, Parrot, and Headwall.

Process & Analyze: get instant insight from aerial data using PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture


PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture is the complete aerial mapping and agronomy software platform. See growth trends, count and size plants, generate prescription maps, identify early indicators of plant stress, and measure the zonal efficiency of your farm. All through a turn-key, web-based crop data management platform.

Based on millions of acres of crop data and 10 years of agriculture analytics experience, PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture offers a powerful artificial intelligence software, tailored to the needs of farming professionals. In addition to plant counting and sizing tools, PrecisionAnalytics Agriculture offers a suite of vegetative indices--such as NDVI, VARI, GRVI, GLI, NDRE, SAVI--enabling you to customize your plant health analysis to your given circumstances.

Deliver & Action: Collaborate, export reports, and generate prescription maps

Share live links (no login required) and dynamic PDF reports with agronomists, crop insurers, buyers, and farmhands. Choose which layers to include in your reporting using an intuitive checkbox interface. You can limit your reporting to a specific area of interest by simply zooming into the given area in the interface.

Produce prescription maps, on-demand. Based on vegetative indices, specify pound-per-acre (lb/acre) applications as precise as 3-square feet and export your map directly from the web interface into your farm management system.

Work Throughout the Growing Cycle


Don’t just collect data—get insights. Use our intuitive reporting system to resolve issues or integrate data into farm management systems.


 Before Planting


During the Growing Season


Beyond Crops

  • Foraging conditions—A flyover can show ranchers the acreage with the best grazing. With multiple flyovers, our analysts can help you map efficient grazing moves throughout the year. Drone data can also help you count your animals and spot newborn animals.

  • Infrastructure assessments—Discover fence damage, roof problems and road degradation before they lead to further losses.

  • Animal-to-acreage ratio assessments—Thermal sensing can detect animal stress helping ranchers determine the optimal amount of acreage and forage rotation to keep animals healthy.

  • Grove and forest assessments—Flyovers can quickly count trees, spot diseased and damaged trees, assess canopy cover and estimate tree age.


Accelerating agriculture research

An agribusiness research company tested drones on the crops it grew at its research stations. Instead of surveying plots manually it deployed drones. The results:

2.5X more efficient than sampling
25% more accurate than hand counts
Surveyed full plots instead of sampling 10% to 40% of the field

Read the case study →

BASF quantified turf improvements

By quantifiably measuring sprig growth and green quality, BASF Turf and Landscape proved a 24 percent increase in Green Level Index for sprigs treated with Lexicon®. Now, according to Gary Myers, CGCS, BASF Pinehurst Project Lead, BASF is able to “use the data as the foundation of [their] presentations to prospective customers and golf course superintendents.” 

Read the case study →

Why PrecisionHawk?

We’ve built our offerings to scale. From investing in geospatial science expertise to understanding the regulatory environment, we’re able to support a one-time flight or a fully integrated enterprise aerial intelligence program.


The World’s Largest Commercial Drone Pilot Network

More than 15,000 licensed operators are available to fly any site in the United States within 24 to 72 hours.

Regulatory management

All our FAA Part 107 certified and insured pilots follow PrecisionHawk’s OSHA-compliant Standard Operating Procedures and an FAA-defined Safety Management System. We also hold an an “A” grade from ISNet.

Fast, actionable intelligence

It’s not a PDF or a pile of photos. We offer a web interface with a report you can integrate into your farm and data management systems.

Leaders in Drone-based Geospatial Science

Our industry-leading team of Ph.D. and remote sensing-accredited geospatial scientists ensure the quality and accuracy of data outcomes.

Experts in Advanced Remote Sensing Hardware

We help you select the best sensor for the job, and understand the unique needs of agriculture.

Services and solutions to help you manage your fields

Our PhD.-holding solutions engineers can assist you in deploying your drone platform, in the field.

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