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How a Global Agricultural Leader Accelerated Plot-based Plant Measurements by 2.5x Using Drones

By using PrecisionHawk’s drone-based phenotyping solutions, large agriculture firms can greatly improve the accuracy and repeatability of critical assessments—ultimately delivering faster and more robust promotion decisions from their research efforts.

How AkitaBox Cut Roof Inspection Time by 80% Using Drones

Ever seeking ways to simplify facility management, AkitaBox searched for a solution that would help them accelerate the inspection process, make it more accurate, and reduce the risk to inspectors. They found their solution in PrecisionHawk’s drone-based aerial intelligence platform.

Mining with Drone LiDAR Data

The overall goal of this project was to investigate the ability of drone derived surveys to monitor vegetation at a Mine Reclamation site using the PrecisionHawk platform.

Ruralco cuts Clients' Nitrogen Fertilizer Use by 7% by Deploying Drone Technology

Using PrecisionHawk's drone solution, Stratus Imaging cut fertilizer use by 7% and boosted yield for clients growing wheat by 14%. The rapid deployment, precision data, and cost-e ectiveness of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) made it possible to gain insight into the nitrogen (N) content of crops throughout the growing season.

UAV Pre-Loss Inspection Results in Savings for Global Reinsurer

Munich Re, one of the world's largest reinsurers, wanted to find a way to reduce their risk exposure by limiting loss before it occurred. Because vegetative encroachment is a common cause of solar panel damage and power interruption, the reinsurer decided to conduct a baseline assessment that would identify current and future instances of encroachment.

Drone Deployment Increases Efficiency of Post-Disaster Insurance Claims

PrecisionHawk helped Munich Re use drones to accelerate their post-disaster response. The rapid deployment, precision data, and cost-e ectiveness of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) deliver value for every stakeholder in the insurance claims management process.

Breaking the Paradox of Safety and Scalability: UAS Integration in the NAS

The exciting diversity of applications and the unmanned vehicles to carry them out presents regulators worldwide with a weighty task: How do we routinely incorporate UAS operations into civil airspace without degradation in the overall system safety? This seemingly simple question has a wealth of underlying intricacy.

Improving Workplace Safety With Drones

How to Seize the Next Frontier of Busintelligence: Aerial Data and Analytics

Insight from Above and Beyond

Advanced drones, sensors, and flight operations are redefining the limits of aerial intelligence. Learn how:

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