PrecisionHawk As Your Technology Partner

Ninety-five percent of power sector respondents agreed that “Digital transformation is a top strategic priority at my organization,” according to research by Deloitte.

Whatever the reason you’re considering (or reconsidering) your tech stack, it can be difficult to figure out what tools to use and how they fit into your organization. So we talked with utility experts to outline where opportunities for improvement might lie, how to evaluate new technology, and how to ensure smooth integration into your existing technology.


PrecisionHawk doesn’t just sell a solution, implement it and call it a day. We work with you to define and test your inspection and inventory workflows to develop a solution that integrates into your current processes.

For example, when PrecisionHawk partnered with Dominion—a power and energy company that operates in 16 states and maintains over 6,600 miles of overhead electric transmission lines—we developed a pilot to compare drone data collection with the utility’s current inspection method of using helicopters and ground crews. And because more data isn’t always better data, we then helped Dominion narrow down the amount of data that needed to be collected (and reported on) by defining what constituted an Area of Concern for the company.


With You All The Way

Whether you have specific areas of your workflow that need beefing up or are looking to define the scope of your problem, PrecisionHawk can work with your utility—no matter where the issues fall in the data value chain, from data collection to taking action on the reports.

And we get results: six months into a project with one Southeastern utility, PrecisionHawk discovered more than 17,000 pieces of inaccurate data in the utility’s database, including over 500 poles that were not in its database at all.


Attainable Geospatial Data Analysis For Co-Ops

The cost of creating an in-house, end-to-end drone data program is out of the reach of many co-ops. A more attainable option may be to outsource data collection to PrecisionHawk, which lets you take advantage of a full drone-based solution without incurring the costs of setting up an internal pilot program. 

Another option is a hybrid solution, using both in-house and PrecisionHawk drone pilots. Typically, on-staff operators are allocated to high-value or complex inspection tasks, and our flight operators perform routine or one-off missions, like emergency response or pre-operation/commissioning inspections. Using this strategy, you get many of the benefits of outsourcing and you can focus your staff on critical missions.


Learn the five steps to Evaluate and Integrate Your Tech Stack; to pinpoint gaps in your tech stack, evaluate new solutions, and work with vendors to integrate the tools into your existing technology.

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