PrecisionHawk and European geo-tech company Field combine forces.

PH and Field merger team image
1 Field and Precisionhawk team members catching up in the US. Paul Winn, Pat Lohman, Chris Harmon, Dave Culler, Jimmy Bostrom, Mirjam Engelsvold, Robert Lake, Cato Vevatne, T.J. Karr

PrecisionHawk and European technology company Field have merged, bringing world-leading geospatial data analysis solutions to the US infrastructure and energy sectors and beyond.

Field is a European leader in digital reality services working with premium clients across the infrastructure, construction, environment, and public sectors. The partnership complements the two companies' international growth strategy and aspiration to shape the future of infrastructure management.

“We’re on a mission to build and maintain a better tomorrow with smarter and more sustainable insights from geospatial data. We’re excited to be merging our companies, products and technology to deliver world-class infrastructure management solutions to customers across the US, Europe and beyond,” said Field CEO Cato Vevatne.

The two companies' proprietary software and revolutionizing inspection technology using artificial intelligence and machine learning offer an exciting new inspection and analytics solution to the United States infrastructure and energy sectors.

“This partnership will shake up the US infrastructure and energy market and help drive the shift to more sustainable and effective solutions. Our combined resources help our customers boost efficiency and reliability, build resilience, manage risk and safety, and move towards a cleaner and greener future,” said Mr. Vevatne.

With similar values and a shared commitment to improving infrastructure management, combining team expertise and leading technology across countries is a smart strategic decision that will benefit the industry and customers in the United States, explained David Culler Jr., Managing Director, PrecisionHawk.

“Merging with Field makes complete sense. We’re sharing knowledge and expertise with our European team and they’re introducing state-of-the-art European technology to the US that will bring substantial benefits to the energy and communication sector. It’s a very collaborative process,” he said.  

“I’m confident that our US customers and partners will greatly benefit from our collective insights and innovations. Our absolute commitment to our customers remains unchanged, we will continue to work to advance our offerings and deliver the best quality service they have come to expect, with the mindset of continuously improving” he said.

Importantly, the merged companies offer a trusted solution combining inspection, processing, and visualizing technology solutions to help customers make critical and timely business decisions. Data security will continue to be a top priority with all the data remaining in the US.

Field is an established technology supplier in the US following an exclusivity agreement with drone solution company Spright in 2021. PrecisionHawk will operate under the Field brand by the end of the year. The company’s US headquarters will remain in Raleigh, North Carolina.

About Field

Field is a European leader in digital reality services. By combining software, sensors, and autonomous technologies, Field puts data to work to boost efficiency and reliability within the infrastructure, construction, environment, and public sectors. Driven by the need to build and maintain the world’s infrastructure sustainably, Field empowers modern society by transforming data into insights and living digital twins. Field has 300 employees in 10 locations internationally, with six research and development centers and headquarters in Oslo. For more information: https://field.group/.