Empowering Drone Industry
Empowering Drone Industry

Empowering the commercial drone industry

Flight / Mapping / Analysis / Safety

Empowering Drone Industry

Process, analyze and share drone data

Works with all leading UAV platforms.

  • Orthomosaics

  • 3D Models

  • Vegetation Analysis

  • Volume Measurement

Aerial data analysis made easy

See the entire line up of analysis tools.

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Arieal data analysis Arieal data analysis Arieal data analysis

Transform data into insights

Farming package

Introducing the


Presented by:

Precisionhawk | dji
  • Quadcopter drone with sensor/camera
  • Extra batteries and travel case
  • Flight planning mobile app
  • Cloud-based mapping and analytics
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Farming package

Say Hello to LATAS

Safety service for drones

Works with any drone


Professional grade drone flight servicing

Hire our global flight service team of professional drone pilots and data analysts. We bring the right technology for every project and provide a worry free experience.

  • Affordable flat rate pricing

  • 1000’s of hours of drone flight experience

  • Best in class data products

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Oil and Gas
  • Insurance
  • Mining
  • Railroad
  • Utilities
  • Forestry
  • Emergency Response

Meet inflight

Software to power intelligent and safe flight.

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Meet Inflight
Meet Inflight
Meet Inflight
Lancaster 5

Meet the Brand New

Lancaster 5

Smarter. Stronger. Safer.

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  • Tougher
  • Longer flight time
  • New flight software and on-board AI
  • More sensor choices
  • New On-board display screen
  • More in-flight diagnostics
  • Better data fidelity tools
  • Improved global base maps
  • Expanded warranty
  • Lower price

Experienced across multiple industries

Research and Development

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Meet the People Behind the Product

  • Adam Latour
    Adam Latour
  • Madeline Pope
    Madeline Pope
  • Brandon Eickhoff
    Brandon Eickhoff
  • Dr. Philip Ferguson
    Dr. Philip Ferguson
  • Matt Coleman
    Matt Coleman

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