GIS inspections can help you identify vegetation encroachment, classify hazardous species, and model rights-of-way to prevent outages.

Vegetation-encroached poles and lines are slow and expensive to inspect. Furthermore, it can be difficult to compile your asset data into a single, standardized database.

Utilities need an accurate way to identify vegetation encroachment and derive insights on how to mitigate it. That’s why they’re turning to PrecisionHawk. 

Analysts can use high-resolution remote sensing to capture holistic and precise vegetative data more accurately than via a visual inspection. They can then upload the data into PrecisionAnalytics, which applies machine vision to identify current problems and predict potential issues based on species growth patterns.

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PrecisionHawk created a red-yellow-green warning system for one major utility to offer a more accurate measure of network-wide threats from vegetation encroachment.

Locate, Quantify, and Track Vegetation Growth with GIS Intelligence

We’ve worked with America’s largest utilities to accelerate, automate, and amplify their vegetation inspection processes:

DISCOVER  icon-dvc6

Define structure shot sheets, species, and encroachment rules. Determine the information you need to plan your vegetation inspection.


COLLECT  icon-dvc5

Capture RGB, NDVI and/or LiDAR data using a range of platforms. Operators not only gain precise vegetation data with rich LiDAR point-clouds, but can also deliver proof of inspection, and use preliminary data to change their data collection approach as needed to better meet the project objectives.

PROCESS  icon-dvc4

QC data, georectify imagery, classify vegetation and produce right of way point cloud models. Precisely locate your electrical assets in a map and navigate image sets using intuitive markers, color-coded for damage severity.


ANALYZE  icon-dvc2

Identify and quantify vegetation encroachment. View an encroachment map overlaid on a street map, or in a 3D point cloud model, to evaluate species and growth patterns. Predictive analytics pinpoints potential issues.


REPORT  icon-dvc3

Generate reports identifying areas of concern. Enrich your GIS and asset management databases with powerful data from PrecisionAnalytics using the system’s secure API architecture.


ACTION  icon-dvc1

Prioritize O&M response and track progress using PrecisionAnalytics.

  • Prioritize vegetation management based on the severity of vegetation encroachment
  • Prove regulatory compliance
  • Analyze vegetation growth patterns to more precisely predict encroachment and optimize inspection periodicity
  • Detail work orders, with robust imagery, to repair immediate issues


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Identify dangerous vegetation issues with the geospatial technology solution that’s used by the leading electric utilities in the U.S.

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