Accelerate, automate, and amplify your load analysis so you can improve uptime and quickly comply with government regulations.

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Traditional pole loading inspections can be time and labor-intensive. Worse, such methods are prone to error. 

One leading American utility discovered that 77% of its legacy poles were predicted to fail in 145 mph winds.

It’s time to go beyond ground-based photography and laser measures to get a holistic, data-rich view of your assets. Get an accurate representation of your inventory, information on imminent threats like vegetation encroachment and faulty equipment, and a completed pole load analysis.

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Pole-hardening Geospatial Data Value Chain

Our industry-leading geospatial technology portfolio, engineered for utility pole-hardening projects:

DISCOVER  icon-dvc6

Define project objectives and required measures. Start from a baseline of data analysis deliverables that we’ve optimized to meet FEMA and FERC requirements, or get your own custom data solution.



COLLECT  icon-dvc5

Capture visual, thermal, and LiDAR data from the air and ground. Capture precise measurements, geolocation data, and pole health indicators by gathering rich, dense LiDAR point-cloud data—so you can see every knot and crack that may affect pole strength, and which may not be visible in a photograph.

PROCESS  icon-dvc4

QA data, georectify imagery and point clouds, and produce models. Our team of data analysts produces structural models using LiDAR data, delivering precise measures of pole height, depth, health, lean, and attachments.


ANALYZE  icon-dvc2

Quickly view and validate geolocation, examine asset condition, and direct action. The PrecisionAanlytrics AI engine organizes, georectifies, and annotates imagery to address issues specific to your pole-hardening process.


REPORT  icon-dvc3

Generate a pole-by-pole report of load and other measures. Enrich your GIS and asset management databases with powerful data from PrecisionAnalytics using the system’s secure API architecture.


ACTION  icon-dvc1

Plan upgrades and track progress using PrecisionAnalytics.

  • Schedule repairs based on risk, so you can bundle work orders—and not have to mobilize a whole team to work on one pole.
  • Refine capital budgets using a comprehensive accounting of your assets, including precise geolocation
  • Prioritize improvements based on the criticality of wind/ice load using exact indicators of asset health
  • Fuel network engineering strategy, modeling out-of-compliance poles in relation to other poles, roadways, and zoning
  • Apply for permits and produce planometrics
  • Prove regulatory compliance
  • Detail work orders, with robust imagery, to triage immediate issues


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Streamline your pole-hardening program—and avoid fines for non-compliance with pole-hardening regulations—with drone-based data collection and analytics.

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