Problems Data Can Solve Webinar Recap

Curious about how to make data work for you?

See what insight Drone- and Data-Driven experts Dave Culler and Patrick Mills have about how data can solve five problems utilities face (and the one problem it can't).

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Every industry has its problems, from labor shortages to outdated processes—and utilities are no different. Data can help solve a lot of problems, and the good news is that utilities have massive amounts of it.


The Five Problems:


Utilities’ tech tools are more vulnerable to attacks than you may think! Yet many utilities don’t have a formal cybersecurity program. Collecting the right data will help you thwart attacks in real-time or even find them before they happen.

Inaccurate Inventory

Do you know how many poles you have...what’s on them...and exactly where they’re located? Inaccurate inventory can create unnecessary downtime, increase pair costs, and become a safety issue. 

What Data Has Told Us

  • 7% of the assets the utility thought were in the field were not in the field.
  • 40% of poles were located more than 5 feet away from where they were documented.
  • 10% percent of the assets the utility thought were removed had not been removed.
  • 77% of poles were predicted to fail in 145 mph winds.

Vegetation Encroachment

One of the most common causes of outages is vegetation-related incidents. Ariel inspections and ground teams may miss problems until it’s too late. That very vegetation is what makes it difficult to get good data, slowing down analysis and creating a negative spiral.

Aging Infrastructure

The average installed transmission base is 40 years old, and more than a quarter of the grid is at least 50 years old. Utilities are modernizing the grid, and to do that they need data to help them determine what needs to be done and which areas to prioritize.

Staying In Compliance

The utility industry is facing stricter regulations and being hit with higher fines as consumer demand rises than ever before. To stay on top of all these regulations, utilities need to not only collect data on the condition of their assets but also to ensure compliance.


Making Data Work For Your Utility

Better data is data that provides your utility with actionable insights, improves safety margins, protects uptime, lowers costs, and expedites modernization programs, and PrecisionHawk is here to help make that a reality.

Accelerate: Speed up data collection, processing, and analysis by optimizing processes.

Automate: Improve process safety and accuracy by employing robotics and AI.

Amplify: Increase the volume and detail of the data collection by using precision tools.


Take Action, Today

Utilities are taking action to modernize the grid, outdated data is keeping your utility’s collection efforts from being as fast and thorough as they could be.

Consider your areas of biggest risk. Is your utility most at risk of outages due to vegetation encroachment, or do you have a government commission asking for data?

Having the right data solution can turn your biggest problems from severe...to solved.


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