Robots To The Rescue: The Evolution of Unmanned Vehicles

The era of mobile unmanned vehicle systems has arrived. In some places, UAVs already are hovering over us, assisting in precision agriculture, site security, even pizza delivery. On the ground, the release of Tesla's autopilot mode is imminent while heavy equipment makers roll out their own driverless options. So, robotic technology now drives, flies, and allows us to view aspects of our planet from vantage points never before seen. Today, our industry is poised for rapid growth in this area for a variety of tasks, including equipment and materials deliveries, aerial photography, and even life-saving support. While assembly lines now stand ready to pump out driverless fleets, and realtors queue up behind contractors to apply for FAA licenses, BuiltWorlds, AUVSI, and Techweek Chicago are excited to host the city's first industry-wide, hands-on look at these emerging tools that may soon be commonplace. So, come, spend an evening at BuiltWorlds, and see where the future already is leading us.

Source: Builtworlds.com