A Bird’s Eye View: Meet Brandon Eickhoff

Relentless drive, unbridled passion and the tenacity to redefine possibilities. These are some of the characteristics that represent the PrecisionHawk team. We strive to find solutions; even when we’re told there are none -- and this transcends to our technology.

Meet PrecisionHawk Pioneer, Brandon Eickhoff (Manager of Technical Operations).

Brandon is one of our early team members. He came to us immediately after graduating from Indiana State and quickly helped to take our hardware training to the next level. As Manager of Technical Operations, Brandon has perfected the ‘jet setting’ lifestyle. From Argentina to Scotland to the plains of the Midwest, Brandon is not just one of the brains behind our global growth, but a true brand ambassador at home and abroad.

Get to know Brandon and follow his journey -- from the ground to the skies. Interested in joining our team? Send your resume to Iwant2work@precisionhawk.com