A Bird’s Eye View: Meet Adam Latour

“It’s exciting to know that the responsibility is yours. YOU could be person to move the ball forward.” -- Adam Latour

As children, many of us aspire to change the world; be an astronaut, a firefighter or an Olympic athlete. For Adam Latour, the journey could not have been more cosmic as he began his career building space satellites before transitioning to UAV mechatronics.

Adam, PrecisionHawk’s Director of Airframe Engineering, joined the team in 2014 to spearhead mechanical engineering projects. In less than a year, he assisted in the development and launch of our latest platform, the Lancaster Mk III, Rev 4. One of the Rev 4’s most stellar features is its improved operational tempo and usability -- allowing it to go from case to air in less than two minutes.

Adam’s skill and passion for helping others solve problems aligns perfectly with our products and use cases. Get to know Adam and follow his journey -- from space to skies:


A Bird’s Eye View is a series produced by PrecisionHawk to offer a unique glimpse into the company’s product and technical team. See the first episode here.