Ensuring the Data Collected Is Safe and Secure

The following is an excerpt from “Safe Always: Standard Operating Procedures for Drone Operations and Secure Data Collection,” a whitepaper that reviews the risks associated with drone-based data collection and the processes, policies, and procedures we apply to mitigate those risks. Download the whitepaper to learn how we help keep your data and your technicians safe

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As with our safety procedures, we have developed a clearly codified approach to data security. PrecisionHawk pilots undergo rigorous training in data quality assurance, security, and chain of custody protocols. In addition to  their onboarding, pilots often receive specialized training for a project, as many clients have a unique set of security considerations.

As a standard practice, we take steps to isolate each drone from the internet, which means that a client’s data from an inspection is protected from the moment the information is collected. 

For more security-intensive clientele, we transfer the data to an encrypted hard drive. That data then never gets unlocked unless it is being analyzed or it has been placed on the clients’ secured network. “We dedicate significant time and energy to safely handling the data we collect for our clients’ critical infrastructure. We work directly with each client to develop a custom solution that meets or exceeds all of their needs and expectations,” explains Bill Hanrahan. 

PrecisionHawk has passed security audits conducted by a major auditing consultancy, as well as top 50 American utilities and oil and gas supermajors, organizations that are some of the largest and most security-conscious in the world. We are certified in ISO 27001 for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

Why PrecisionHawk?

PrecisionHawk’s leadership developed their standard operating procedures, pilot training program, and safety culture from their experience as Navy fighter pilots. As Bill Hanrahan affirms, “Our safety mindset is deeply-rooted in Naval Aviation safety principles. We are a professional aviation organization that takes the same approach to flying drones as others do to flying commercial fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.”

Throughout this discussion, we’ve illustrated PrecisionHawk’s determination to help ensure safe operations and secure data management. In short:

  • Our UAV pilots, who we view as professional pilots, undergo rigorous training in all aspects of flight operations and data security.
  • Pilots in our network of 15,000 licensed drone operators--the largest of its kind in the world--go through the same training as our full-time PrecisionHawk pilots prior to missions for safety-intensive organizations, giving our clients the same level of assurance in safety, quality, and security, while also making a pilot available within 24-72 hours in the United States.
  • Our Safety Management System helps ensure that we are always collecting and reporting critical information that we review in order to develop and refine best practices and disseminate those to our team members. 
  • We take measures to help ensure that our clients’ data is protected from the moment it is captured, following precise chain of custody protocols.
  • We are certified in ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001, and we have earned an A  grade from clients on ISNetworld. 

Download our whitepaper “Safety Always: Standard Operating Procedures for Drone Operations and Secure Data Collection,” to learn more.