Enrich your inventory of electric infrastructure assets using real-world data—and automate your condition assessments to get a better handle on the number, location, and health of your assets.

A utility needs to know how many assets it has, where they’re located, and the phasing of their power cables. Traditional inventory and condition assessments can be slow and error-prone. 

But when PrecisionHawk’s utility customers have employed our geospatial technology and services, they’ve quickly uncovered thousands of pieces of faulty data in their database.

Amplify the volume and detail of your data collection with a GIS solution and ensure all your assets are regularly inspected, well-maintained, and in compliance.

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One of PrecisionHawk’s Top 10 American utility clients used drone-based data collection and analysis to inventory more assets in six weeks than their ground teams could in six months.

Faster, Safer, More Accurate Data for Your Inventory & Condition Assessments

Our industry-leading geospatial technology portfolio, engineered for America’s top utilities:

DISCOVER  icon-dvc6

Define pole, equipment, and pole-to-pole data requirements. We’ll help you determine the information you need to plan your inspection or modernization project.


COLLECT  icon-dvc5

Capture visual, thermal, and LiDAR data from the ground and aerial cameras. Record pole location and metadata using Survey 123. 

PROCESS  icon-dvc4

Validate pole locations and QC pole data for any required data recollection. Gather LiDAR point-cloud data to produce a 3D model—for example to create a digital twin and model out changes to the infrastructure. Perform phase tracking and inventory equipment.


ANALYZE  icon-dvc2

Audit data from your asset management system (i.e. GE SmallWorld). Perform a delta analysis against the existing asset management system.


REPORT  icon-dvc3

Generate a delta report on phasing, conductors, transformers, and other issues. Add your own notes and annotations for team members to directly train the AI to better identify asset components in imagery.


ACTION  icon-dvc1

Resolve deltas and track progress using PrecisionAnalytics.

  • Validate asset counts, components, and location
  • Refine capital budgets using a comprehensive accounting of your assets, including precise geolocation
  • Know which areas to modernize first based on phasing analysis that shows which neighborhoods are pulling power from which phases
  • Prioritize improvements based on the severity of damage using exact indicators of asset health
  • Fuel network engineering strategy, modeling out-of-compliance assets in relation to other assets, roadways, and zoning
  • Apply for permits and produce planometrics
  • Prove regulatory compliance
  • Detail work orders, with robust imagery, to triage immediate issues


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Streamline your modernization program with a geospatial technology solution for inventory and condition assessments.

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