Learn how GIS inspections can help you more easily collect the relevant data, and support streamlined management, analysis, storage, and tracking.

California’s General Order 95 is a set of rules that apply to overhead electric supply lines to reduce the risk of danger to workers and the public. The incumbent manual methods of inspecting lines, using “people on the ground” or manned aircraft, may not provide adequate proof of inspection to comply with regulations and can be expensive.

That’s why utilities are turning to PrecisionHawk for a fast, verifiable, and cost-effective way to inspect electrical assets. 

PrecisionHawk’s drone-based data collection supports streamlined processing and reporting by integrating with utilities’ ERP systems—so you can turn data into actionable insights and decrease your risk of litigation.

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Real Compliance: While manned-aircraft and ground inspections typically find that 10% of distribution poles are out of compliance, utilities using PrecisionHawk’s solution have found that the average is actually 30%.

Better Data Leads to Quicker Compliance

Our industry-leading geospatial technology portfolio, built to accelerate and automate comprehensive visual inspection (CVI) processes:

DISCOVER  icon-dvc6

Define structure shot sheets and data delivery requirements to provide proof of inspection for compliance.


COLLECT  icon-dvc5

Capture visual, thermal, and LiDAR data from the air and ground. Operators can record inspection outcomes in a checklist and call in critical issues right from the field.

PROCESS  icon-dvc4

QC data for any required data recollection; upload to servers. After machine intelligence identifies imagery that represents priority issues, it aggregates the data into an intuitive, web-based interface that’s accessible from anywhere.


ANALYZE  icon-dvc2

Utility’s in-house experts analyze the imagery to identify and “call in” criticals, or utility can store data for additional analysis as needed. PrecisionAnalytics helps you navigate, annotate, and organize distribution pole condition data.


REPORT  icon-dvc3

Utilities can generate analytics in their ERP from aggregate inspection outcomes and identify trends. Identify non-compliant anomalies to improve safety and mitigate risk of litigation.

ca-5-report (1)

ACTION  icon-dvc1

For immediate repairs, utilities can distribute work orders with CVI imagery for context, and activate O&M vendors. Operators can also store images and data for proof of compliance.

  • Improve safety and reduce risk of litigation by complying with government regulations
  • Gain greater insight into the health of your distribution assets.
  • Perform an accurate visual inspection with PrecisionAnalytics.
  • Identify hard-to-find maintenance issues before they degrade performance or cause a critical failure.
  • Surface problematic components or areas using trend data.
  • Detail work orders, with robust imagery, to repair immediate issues.
  • Prove regulatory compliance.


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Streamline your asset inspections with the geospatial technology solution that’s used by the leading electric utilities in the U.S.

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