Over half the landmass in the U.S. is powered by electric co-ops. Cover more ground in less time with our drone-powered, data-driven solution.

Conducting inventories and inspections is essential for co-ops to stay on top of their assets. When you're serving a remote and widespread area with just a few customers per mile, saving time and money while not jeopardizing crew safety is paramount.

PrecisionHawk offers co-ops an efficient asset management solution that is not only safe and cost-effective—it also yields a more accurate picture of your assets.

By using drones, co-ops can streamline inspections and get a more accurate view of the location and health of their assets. And with our AI-powered data analytics tool, you'll be able to turn those insights into action much faster.

While it can cost $150 for two lineworkers and a bucket truck to inspect just four poles—a grand total of $37.50 per pole—those same lineworkers can use drones to perform the same task as efficiently as 15 seconds and $6 per pole.

Data-Powered Decision-Making

PrecisionAnalytics Energy is an AI-powered analysis engine that accelerates and automates analysis of your asset data.
Getting actionable pole analytics starts with collecting timely and accurate geospatial data. The next step is investing in more advanced technology to make the best use of all the data collected.
PrecisionAnalytics uses AI to identify issues and tag images. It aggregates data into an intuitive, web-based interface that’s accessible from anywhere. 

PrecisionHawk for Co-ops



Implementing an entire data solution is a big step, which is why many co-ops start small and scale up. They may begin by purchasing one or two drones, expand to fuller UAV programs, and then implement the full data solution.



Starting small gives electric co-ops the opportunity to acclimate members to the new technology. Some co-ops introduce drones at events such as member meetings, so they can see the drones in action, learn about the technology and how it will benefit them. Co-ops can also use these events to promote the safety and efficiency of a drone-based solution.


To increase uptime, comply with regulations, reduce the risk of catastrophic failure, increase member satisfaction, and make an impact on their organizations, co-op managers and directors need deeper insight into their distribution assets. As the program grows, PrecisionHawk and the co-op work to ensure that the data solution integrates with other systems and across the organization.

“The top down is really where you see the weather. The pole takes a beating with the weather, and when you look top-down at it with a UAV, you see a lot more—you can see issues like bad bolts, loose bolts, missing bolts, and loose connections.”

- Stan McHann, Senior Research Engineer, NRECA

Start with Drones for Safer, More Efficient Inspections

Our industry-leading geospatial technology portfolio, engineered for America's electric cooperatives.

DISCOVER  icon-dvc6

Define structure shot sheets and data delivery requirements. Determine the information you need to plan your field inspection and Comprehensive Visual Inspection projects.

woman writes on glass window while male coworker looks over her shoulder

COLLECT  icon-dvc5

Capture visual imagery using high-resolution aerial cameras. Amplify the volume, detail, and accuracy of your geospatial asset data with visual, thermal, and LiDAR data and record inspection outcomes in a checklist.

PROCESS  icon-dvc4

Quality Control data for any required data recollection and upload to servers. Our team of data analysts produces structural models using visual, thermal, or LiDAR data, delivering precise measures of asset height, depth, health, phasing of power cables, lean, and attachments.

aerial view of distribution pole with AI color-coding different sections
UgCs PrecisionFlight Pro on laptop with finger point-1

ANALYZE  icon-dvc2

“Call in” criticals observed in the field and store data for additional analysis. PrecisionAnalytics organizes, georectifies, and annotates imagery to address issues specific to your project.


REPORT  icon-dvc3

Generate analytics from aggregate inspection outcomes and identify trends. Assess vegetation encroachment, components, and asset health.

group of people with their backs to the camera facing a screen showing PrecisionAnalytics

ACTION  icon-dvc1

Distribute work orders with inspection imagery for context and activate O&M vendors.

  • Refine capital budgets using a comprehensive accounting of your assets, including precise geolocation
  • Detail work orders, with robust imagery to repair immediate issues
  • Triage repairs by batching work orders depending on the severity of the problem, saving time and money
  • Apply for permits and produce planometrics
  • Fuel network engineering strategy, modeling out-of-compliance assets in relation to other assets, roadways, and zoning
  • Prove regulatory compliance


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Streamline your asset inspections with the geospatial technology solution, designed for co-ops.

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