Remote Sensing Package

A complete and customizable remote sensing solution for enterprise and industrial applications

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Precisionhawk | dji

DJIMatrice 600PRO

Flies autonomously with PrecisionFlight

Built for maximum performance, the M600 PRO is an ideal remote sensing drone for a wide range of applications. Dust proof propulsion systems simplify maintenance and actively cooled motors make it operate reliably during extended flights.

  • Fully assembled

  • Designed for industrial applications

  • Multiple gimbals supported

  • A3 and Lightbridge 2 built-in

  • Extended flight time

  • Long range transmission

  • Professional HD transmission

  • Powerful app control

  • SDK supported

12 Batteries

Operating the M600 PRO requires 6 TB47S batteries so we’ve included an entire extra set so you can enjoy more flight time without recharge wait time.


Zenmuse X5

Visual sensor for versatility

Built inside the Zenmuse X5 is a powerful Micro Four Thirds sensor that’s absolutely revolutionary for an aerial camera. With a sensor eight times the size of that in the previous X3 camera, this new MFT sensor enables high quality, high sensitivity image recording at an ISO range of 100-25600.

  • 4k


  • 16.0


  • 4/3


  • 3-AXIS



Travel case

An industrial grade travel case resistant to impact damage, water and dust infiltration is included in the remote sensing package.

It also has generous amounts of storage cavities with some being adjustable for different gimbals.

Travel case

1 Year Subscription to PrecisionMapper Standard Plan

Professional cloud-based drone data mapping and analytics software

The Remote Sensing Package includes a one year subscription to the Standard plan of PrecisionMapper. Get insights from your drone data with PrecisionMapper.

The plan includes

  • Automated 2D and 3D processing

    • Georeferenced images and KML Tiles
    • 3D Models and Digital Surface Models
    • Point Cloud
    • Contours
  • Volumetrics

    Measure cut and fill volumes

  • Secure cloud-based storage

  • ENDVI and NDVI

    Used to isolate plant health indicators

  • +11

    Eleven additional vegetative algorithms

  • ADD ON

    Optional add-on algorithms

    • Canopy cover
    • Field uniformity
    • Row-based plant
    • ScoutView Report
    • And more
PrecisionViewer Included

The desktop application for on-site data review in non-connected environments

Say goodbye to repeat surveys

PrecisionViewer enables you to review surveys on-site without internet. Leave sites knowing your M600 PRO collected data in the quality you need. PrecisionViewer also displays flight path coverage in case adjustments are needed and lets you add ground control points with a few simple clicks for added accuracy.

PrecisionFlight Included

The mobile app to power autonomous, repeatable, and safer flights for the M600 PRO

Remote sensing made simple. No piloting experience needed.

Easy, intuitive and packed with powerful features, PrecisionFlight empowers DJI operators to capture data autonomously.

  • Plan flights, track your drone and monitor its health

  • Get information delivered in real time

  • Save flight plans to use offline

Download PrecisionFlight on your mobile device today!


Heavy sensors can be added to the remote sensing package for additional costs

Thermal, LiDAR, and additional visual sensors are available.

  • thermal


  • LiDAR


  • visual


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