Keynote Speeches

2019 FAA UAS Symposium

Keynote Address

In May 2019, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao appointed Michael Chasen, CEO of PrecisionHawk, to lead the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) as its chairman. Chasen assumes the role immediately and will lead the DAC in advising the FAA on key integration issues relating to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In his first public address since the appointment, the newly appointed Committee Chairman presented PrecisionHawk's recent growth as a harbinger of the drone industry's expansion and discussed how public-private partnerships have made that expansion possible.
2019 Keynote Presentation


PrecisionHawk CEO Michael Chasen and Florida Power and Light Quality Project Manager showcase how A.I. and Machine Learning can gather data from the commercial drone industry and allow enterprises to deduct actual business intelligence from the results.
2018 Keynote Presentation


PrecisionHawk CEO Michael Chasen discusses the future of drone technology and flying drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).
2018 Keynote Presentation

InterDrone Conference Kickoff

PrecisionHawk announces its acquisition of Hazon LLC, a drone service provider focused on critical infrastructure inspections, and InspecTools Inc., a provider of analytics tools and machine vision software for renewable energy. PrecisonHawk CEO Michael Chasen demonstrates how the company will elevate the energy sector and bring best-in-class technology to it.
2017 Keynote Presentation

Interdrone Conference Kickoff

PrecisionHawk CEO Michael Chasen poses a question to the drone industry: Are we right on the cusp of drones being a truly transformative technology or are we being held back because the product is as advanced as it is going to get and we have developed a really good Roomba?
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