Smarter construction

A turn-key platform that uses drone data to automate and optimize decision-making on the job

Smarter Construction Package



with Visual Sensor

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with Visual Sensor

Fixed wing
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Swappable plug and play technology


  • PrecisionFlight Pro

    Fly your drone

  • PrecisionViewer

    View data in the field

  • PrecisionMapper

    Unlimited 2D/3D processing and automated analytics

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Applications and Analytics

Get reporting and insights from your drone data

Make your job site more safe and efficient. PrecisionHawk's software makes it easy to convert aerial data into models and business intelligence.

  • Jobsite Reports

    Jobsite Reports

    Optimize jobsite reporting with digital reports of aerial surveys

    Visual Sensor
  • Volume Measurement

    Volume Measurement

    Calculate cut-fill volume

    Visual Sensor
  • 2d jobsite progress tracking

    2d jobsite progress tracking

    Track daily progress and productivity

    Visual Sensor
  • 3d jobsite progress tracking

    3d jobsite progress tracking

    Create precision 3d maps of your jobsites to view or export

    Visual Sensor
  • Contour line maps

    Contour line maps

    Measure the elevation and shape of your jobsite terrain

    Visual Sensor
  • Digital surface model

    Digital surface model

    Generate DSMs and import them into other applications

    Visual Sensor
  • Build-out monitoring

    Build-out monitoring

    Support schedule and budget management by comparing plans to progress

    Visual Sensor
  • Earthwork monitoring

    Earthwork monitoring

    Survey jobsites to check embankment slopes, area size and cut-and-fill volumes

    Visual Sensor
  • Security and monitoring

    Security and monitoring

    monitor jobsites with aerial surveys of equipment and materials

    Visual Sensor
  • Thermal inspections

    Thermal inspections

    Detect and identify anomalies hidden beneath surfaces

    Thermal Sensor
  • Roof inspection

    Roof inspection

    Obtain detailed imagery and measurements of residential roofs

    Visual Sensor, 3-Band Sensor
  • Facade inspection

    Facade inspection

    Tag and measure structure using high resolution bird's eye and oblique imagery

    Thermal Sensor
  • Facility management

    Facility management

    Manage assets, keep projects on track, and streamline collaboration within your built environment

    Thermal Sensor

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