The Data You Need To Turn The Lights Back On

Dominion Energy is a power and energy company that operates in 16 states and maintains over 6,600 miles of overhead electric transmission lines in Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia. But Dominion, like most utilities, wanted to improve their operations through better data, safer processes, and more environmentally-friendly practices.

Here is how PrecisionHawk works to keep the lights on during unexpected conditions.

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PrecisionHawk’s data collection and analysis systems are built to empower proactive decisions to strengthen utility assets but also can extend to emergencies.  Dominion contracts PrecisionHawk for emergency inspections. If a hurricane or snowstorm affects the grid, the PrecisionHawk team temporarily shifts away from the CVI to conduct post-storm assessments.

For example, after a storm hit the Outer Banks in North Carolina, the PrecisionHawk team provided situational awareness of 50 miles of transmission lines in strategic locations where the utility was experiencing power outages. They could easily see where a tree had taken down a line and report the situation to Dominion so the utility could immediately send out a repair crew. PrecisionHawk was also able to view the situation from above and help safely guide crews to the right structures.

Tree over lines-2

In addition, Dominion conducts pack-out inspections, where their teams climb transmission structures to get an up-close look at potential problems like rust at connection points. PrecisionHawk works with the climbers to inspect parts of the structure that aren’t easily accessible, increasing both data accuracy and staff safety.

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