Six Red Flags When Selecting A Vendor

Save time by weeding out unsuitable vendors before you get too far into the evaluation process with them. These are the warning signs that a vendor’s technology may not be a good fit, or that the vendor may not be able to support you over the long term.

  • The solution is not backward compatible—which means you would need to upgrade all your existing systems to the latest versions in order to integrate the new solution.
  • The vendor can’t explain their long-term roadmap. This may mean that they don’t have one—and you don’t want to be left in the lurch when you need support!
  • The vendor promises that their single solution will fix every problem in your organization.
  • The technology provider won’t assist you in integrating their solution with your existing systems.
  • The vendor doesn’t have an open API, which means your internal developers can’t integrate or customize the software for your needs.
  • The vendor isn’t flexible. Their attitude is, “This is our product, and here’s how it works” rather than “This is our product, and here’s how we’ll make it work for you.” 

There are so many technology providers that will make integration and updates easy for you, there’s no need to waste time and money on solutions that are a challenge to implement and support.


Learn the five steps to Evaluate and Integrate Your Tech Stack; to pinpoint gaps in your tech stack, evaluate new solutions, and work with vendors to integrate the tools into your existing technology.

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