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With the right solution, a utility can take advantage of accurate data almost instantly rather than having to wait weeks for processing. The ideal is to mobilize a collection team, identify problems, issue an emergency work order for time-sensitive repairs, and have the repair team in the field—all in the same day.

For example, a small, agile drone team can be easily deployed to any location with minimal requirements. In most cases, this is a much faster process than relying on ground teams or workers in bucket trucks.

If you’ve collected a lot of data—say an entire distribution line’s worth—manual processing can take anywhere from one week to more than four weeks. Human analysts must slowly and carefully rectify the data, look for component issues, and compare the data to existing information in the system so that it’s usable and actionable. 

PA AI images

With PrecisionAnalytics, a highly secure web-based asset management solution for utility asset data, you can receive images straight off the line directly from the remote sensor—or through an air dump, which is the process of transferring the data via WiFi or a telecom server—into a system that’s already aware of where your assets are located.

It takes PrecisionAnalytics only about one minute and 15 seconds to process each image. PrecisionHawk’s machine learning model then pushes only those images that need subject matter review to experts.

PrecisionAnalytics can also integrate into current workflows and enterprise systems, determine which work orders are already out, and act as a middle analytical layer to streamline the entire process.

5aThese capabilities bring the usual one- to four-week turnaround—from collection to action—down to a day, an hour, or even just minutes.

Speeding up the workflow of collecting, processing, and analyzing data—without sacrificing the quality of the collected data—helps utilities make fast, accurate decisions on time-sensitive issues.

The bottom line: by deploying PrecisionHawk’s data solution, enterprises can improve every step of their inspection process—from collecting data to deploying repair crews.

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