Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week: Glady Singh, VP of Enterprise Services

It’s Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week! Globally, the aviation community is celebrating the anniversary of the issuance of the world’s first female pilot license in 1910. As part of the annual observance, we’re raising awareness of aviation opportunities for women and girls by celebrating the accomplishments of our own women in aviation.

Meet Glady Singh. As VP of Enterprise Services at PrecisionHawk, she works with Fortune 100 clientele—and our Flight Operations and Development teams—to integrate drone-based aerial intelligence. Often, they’ll develop a new approach that’s never before been deployed. We asked her about her experience in aviation.

What do you love about drones and aviation?

We are on the cusp of a new era of greatness, where drones will revolutionize the world we know today and the way we live in it. We know that drones can and will save lives, protect our environment, drive better and smarter infrastructure and deliver packages and people in the future. To help drive and be a part of that transformation is truly inspiring.

Why do you work in drones and aviation?

I became curious about technology-driven innovation and how drones specifically could help drive efficiencies and optimize the way infrastructure, energy and environmental programs operate today. That curiosity became a passion and that passion a commitment to help drive these applications, solve our customer’s toughest challenges and pave the way to transform these industries. I lean on my 15 years of experience working with governments—and their work across industries—to help our clients achieve success.   

Why is it important that women are included in the drones and aviation community?

It’s important to be collaborative and cultivate diversity of thought—that’s how you solve problems.  Integrating drones into our airspace and lives requires engaging different stakeholders in our communities and drive consensus towards a strategy or plan. In my own work, I strive to cultivate collaboration and teamwork: drones have diverse uses and we need diverse thought and leadership to realize our ideas.

What can women who are interested in drones and aviation do to get started?

Be curious. Turn that curiosity into a passion and soak it in. Read what’s happening in the drone industry at large and think about how drones relate or can impact the work you are performing today. If there is a disconnect between what you are working on today and where your passion is (drones), then find meaningful ways to engage, learn more and find opportunities to get into the industry through your connections, business mentors, or call up some of the companies that are leaders in the space. Know what you could bring to the table if given an opportunity to join this industry and articulate that value. If one door shuts, open the next and persevere. Success will be imminent and this industry needs women in it!

Interested in a career in drones? Look for opportunities to join Glady and the rest of the team on our Careers page.