Collecting Drone-based Aerial Imagery for EagleView

After an accident causes damage to their property, insurance customers file a claim with their insurer, starting the claims cycle. Following a catastrophic weather event, insurance carriers are inundated with thousands of property insurance claims stemming from a single ZIP code. Whether for a one-off accident or a large-scale disaster, resolving claims quickly isn’t just good business, it’s necessary to help people recover.

That’s where EagleView comes in. The aerial data company offers a wide range of flight services and software designed to help insurers digitize workflows. Per year, EagleView delivers more than three million insurance-related claims reports—up to 25,000 per day—and produces more than 21 petabytes of image data. This wealth of data includes precise hail damage measurements, thanks to the recent addition of drone-based data collection,

Enabling remote claims inspection using drones

Today, we’re proud to announce a partnership with EagleView. PrecisionHawk’s drone pilot network will be delivering data to EagleView OnSite Solutions™ for remote claims inspection. EagleView OnSite virtual desk adjustment combines imagery from multiple sources, including drones, with a variety of data analytics and reports to enable adjusters to efficiently triage claims, virtually inspect properties from their desk, and ultimately close P&C (property and casualty) claims faster than ever before.

“EagleView OnSite provides insurance customers with all the tools necessary to settle claims without ever going into the field,” said Rishi Daga, CEO of EagleView. “As drones transform the way the insurance industry operates, making inspections safer, easier and more cost-effective, EagleView reinforces its commitment to drone technology to digitize manual workflows.”

Virtual drone inspections for insurance claims address a challenging trend in the P&C insurance industry. Over the past 20 years, the number of experienced insurance adjusters has dropped dramatically, causing labor shortages especially after major storms hit. The demand for insurance adjusters is high, yet drone pilots add a new, untapped “labor force” to the equation.

Combining the EagleView OnSite virtual desk adjustment solution with PrecisionHawk will offer the insurance industry thousands of certified, trained drone pilots to perform high-quality insurance inspections at a competitive cost. With more than 25,000 claims processed by EagleView OnSite in the last 18 months, EagleView can help insurance carriers transform their property claim workflows and decrease cycle time by at least 40 percent to best serve their customers after a catastrophic natural disaster.

"Today, insurers are increasingly using drones for asset inspections, particularly when assessing claims. This practice is transforming the claims cycle, making it faster and safer for adjusters to observe, analyze and assess the damage associated with incidents ranging from one-off accidents to natural disasters,” said Michael Chasen, CEO of PrecisionHawk. “Our relationship with EagleView not only provides highly trained and certified drone pilots for its offerings, but also underscores the significant value drones deliver across industries and catalyzes the adoption of drone technology.”

EagleView has invested in PrecisionHawk

EagleView also confirmed today its participation in PrecisionHawk’s latest round of $75 million in funding.

“To further cement our relationship, EagleView is investing in PrecisionHawk through our participation in their latest round of financing,” stated Rishi Daga, EagleView CEO. “Combining the strength of EagleView OnSite Solutions and the expertise and scale of PrecisionHawk and Droners.io, both operationally and with financial investment, will certainly help insurance carriers deliver more value to their policyholders.”