Welcome, Michael Chasen!

We are pleased to announce that Blackboard Co-Founder and Former CEO Michael Chasen has joined our company as the new CEO. As a serial entrepreneur and veteran technology leader, Chasen brings more than 20 years of software experience to accelerate PrecisionHawk’s rapid growth in the commercial drone market. DCIM100MEDIADJI_0031.JPG

[Michael’s first day at PrecisionHawk HQ]

Michael has a great success story, and we are thrilled to have him on board to help PrecisionHawk capture the immense opportunities that await us this year and beyond. “Adoption of drone technology among major industries is growing at an incredible rate. By engineering an ecosystem that allows companies to gain valuable information, PrecisionHawk is at the forefront of one of the most important areas of technology innovation,” said Chasen.

Michael was previously the CEO and co-founder of Blackboard, the global leader in education technology platforms.

Michael took Blackboard public in 2004 and eventually sold the company in 2011 to Providence Equity Partners for $1.7 billion. After Blackboard, Michael founded SocialRadar, a company focused on using satellite and street level photos to geo-locate business storefronts. In 2016, SocialRadar sold to Verizion/MapQuest.

“The PrecisionHawk team has all of the building blocks that are required to become the world leader in commercial drone technology, and I am looking forward to the growth and immense opportunity ahead,” Chasen continued.


PrecisionHawk provides an enterprise platform that uses advanced drone technology to collect and analyze data to improve business intelligence. The platform includes automated flight planning, tracking, data collection, and analytics. PrecisionHawk’s technology is used across multiple industries including agriculture, construction, energy, insurance and by the government.

PrecisionHawk also serves as a key leader in shaping regulations and policies that promote the safe and rapid adoption of drones both through its work under the FAA Pathfinder program and development of its LATAS drone safety platform. We look forward to what the future holds under Michael’s leadership.

With new growth, we will continue to solidify our infrastructure to serve new markets and geographies around the globe as well as optimize the integration of our platform into existing business processes.

Read the official press release here! Feel free to tweet any questions to Michael: @michaelchasen.