UAV Symposium attracts farmers, consultants, suppliers to Memphis, Tenn., Agricenter

One of the best ways to draw a crowd at a farm meeting these days is to schedule a demonstration with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV. That was the case with the new Delta AgTech Symposium at the Memphis, Tenn., Agricenter, July 7 and 8. More than 250 participants attended the Symposium to hear the latest about the technological, practical and legal aspects of unmanned aerial systems.

Entira, Inc., an agricultural and marketing firm, organized the conference with support from the Association for Unmanned Vehicle systems International or AUVSI. The event was sponsored by FarmSpace Systems and Horizon Precision Systems. It included a trade show and speakers along with the field demonstrations.

Entira officials said they are planning to conduct a similar event next year.

The article was originally published on deltafarmpress.com.