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In the business world, information is power. When people approach us with a problem, 99% of the time it stems from the fact that they want or need more information. The farmer wants to know which crops are sick so he can get the most out of each harvest. The oil rig operator wants to identify potential problem areas to prevent leaks. The project director of the mine wants to know more about the terrain. They all want information, but they’re paralyzed by the inability to acquire their desired knowledge often and at a reasonable cost.

The world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is vast and diverse. We imagine that our readers, like our clients, want information, but this time, they want information about the interesting world of UAVs, remote sensing, cool applications and awesome aerial photography. You can think of this first post as our own takeoff. As we take off, we are able to capture the interesting angles of the UAV world, allowing us to bring this information to you. We sweep through this world and look for potential points of discussion, interesting innovations, and applications that will help you appreciate how deep drones can influence the future.

Drop by if you want to read and peruse feature articles and posts on industries using UAVs. Drop by if you want to see how we give meaning to data through infographics. Drop by if you want to hear from experts around the industry talk about the many issues surrounding drones. But more importantly, drop by and meet and talk to others who share your interests and who see a future facilitated by the curious capacities of UAVs. Together, let’s make this blog a hub for our community of UAV enthusiasts.

Welcome to PrecisionHawk online. Get ready for takeoff.