Drone Data App Store Grows: Welcome, Exogenesis!

DataMapper’s Algorithm Marketplace, the first app store for drone data analysis, welcomes its newest tool: Triangular Greenness Index. Developed by Exogenesis, an advanced GIS and remote sensing company, the app is a highly specialized and optimized vegetation index.

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With DataMapper, users process collected drone imagery into 2D/3D representations of their fields. Then, they can simply click to apply the Triangular Greenness Index app for automated analysis of the map.

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Traditionally, vegetation index readings are used to capture photosynthetic activity and assess plant health, such as nitrogen deficiencies. However, later in the season, they often do not produce accurate results due to saturation as the canopy closes. The Triangular Greenness Index app accounts for this and is additionally not sensitive to pixel resolution, allowing growers to fly later in the growing season by limiting issues with photo stitching and data quality.

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Exogenesis is a provider of advanced analytics, algorithm development, and predictive modeling and simulation for geospatial data. Now partnered with DataMapper, the Exogenesis team is committed to solutions that provides clients with useful insights across industries.

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