Tech to help keep law enforcement safe

by John Brandon for Fox News

Most technology advancements are of our own enjoyment and well-being. Curved televisions, faster smartphones, and lighter laptops all help relax at home and get more work done. Yet, for those who work in law enforcement, tech advancements can mean the difference between life and death. These tech innovations and gear designed for law enforcement help the officer in the field to record criminal activity, report back to the station, and stay safe.

1. Marantz Pro PMD-901V

This body worn office cam, which attaches to a uniform, records video at 2304x1296p pixels or a slightly better-than-normal 1080p HD. The camera lens uses a 140-degree field of view to record all of the activity around an officer and also has a night-vision mode for late-night patrols. The camera is waterproof and can be submersed up to three feet in water. There’s 32GB of local storage or about ten hours of footage. For quick filming, an officer only has to turn the camera on and it will immediately start to record. The cam will be available later this spring for $500.

2. LaserMotive

The technology being developed at LaserMotive could have a dramatic effect on law enforcement safety. LaserMotive’s has a device that transmits power over a wireless signal to a drone flying above a set area. The idea is to keep video surveillance drones flying all day instead of the typical 20 minute flight time.

3. Bounce Imaging Tactical Throwable Camera

It looks like something from a “Call of Duty” game, but this surveillance ball connects to an Android smartphone or Apple iPhone over Wi-Fi. An officer can throw it down a hallway or into a room. Once the device lands, an officer can see around the room using multiple built-in cameras. An officer can then direct the cameras to look around even further in order to spot criminal activity.

4. Panasonic Arbitrator 360 HD Dashcam

While it’s about a year old now, this dashcam is quickly becoming the top pick for law enforcement. The main benefit is that the camera records at full 1080p resolution – the same quality you see on an HDTV at home. That means officers back at the station can see more detail as they review footage. The camera works in low-light situations and uses two 512GB drives.

5. Yardarm Sensor

Currently in development, this sensor reports back to the station when a firearm is drawn from its holster. It uses the BeOn platform, which is a back-end network used by police stations to monitor holsters. The sensor can be used to automatically dispatch additional officers if a firearm is discharged. The sensor also reports exact, real-time location.

6. Precision Hawk

This unmanned aerial vehicle (or UAV) weighs about three pounds and has a four-foot wingspan. The PrecisionHawk is an aerial surveillance drone that officers use to inspect an area and assess a situation. Officers who control the drone are able to watch video and monitor activity from a safe distance away. In order to provide officers with the most accurate information, the UAV is packed with sensors that can track heat signatures while mapping out an area.