Schumer brings drone conversation to WNY

by Emily Lenihan for WIBV4

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)-  Senator Charles Schumer wants to see more drone regulations. Federal officials said at least two drones have come into Buffalo Niagara’s airspace.

“With recent instances of drones flying dangerously close to Buffalo Niagara International Airport, as well as airports frequented by Western New York travelers, like New York’s JFK and LaGuardia Airports, it is clear that commercial drone use has crossed from unregulated to potentially deadly,” said Schumer in a press release, Monday.

Traditionally drones were used by the US military. However, technology improvements have led to private companies and individuals buying and using them.

The FAA has been developing drone privacy and usage guidelines for years. The release of these regulations is tied up in Washington D.C.

Schumer wants bureaucrats to fast track what he says are must-needed rules about the devices. He says it is important to distinguish what is legal and what is illegal for the public’s safety.

“We want to make sure two things are not interfered with with these drones. One is safety and the second is our right to privacy,” said Schumer.

Schumer said the federal government’s lack of clear rules on drones has led to confusion, abuses and other dangerous situations. He wants to ensure they are kept out of New York airports’ airspaces.