PrecisionHawk Named a Finalist for the 2014 Indiana Innovation Award

We are excited to announce that PrecisionHawk has been selected as a finalist for this year’s Indiana Innovation Awards (IIA) hosted by Centric, Indiana’s Innovation Network. Finalists were chosen from a group of 100 successful organizations screened across the state, and the IIA panel of executive judges recognized this group as the “most competitive field they have seen to date.” One winner will be chosen on August 28 at ‘The Day of Innovation’ in downtown Indianapolis.

In case you are not familiar with the innovative nature of aerial data collection and analysis that can be achieved using drones (or you’re a fellow finalist checking us out ☺) , the PrecisionHawk UAV platform, the Lancaster Hawkeye Mk III, provides users with fast and accurate data acquisition that is automatically processed and delivered to clients in relevant and usable formats. Programmed with a high level of artificial intelligence, the ability to operate autonomously greatly enhances the ease of use for operations and creates consistency in both the flight itself and resulting data products. Over 15 plug and play sensors are currently integrated into the platform for specific data collection needs, including visual, multispectral, thermal, video and LIDAR.

Groups across the state of Indiana, like Centric and TechPoint, have been particularly active in promoting local talent through meet-ups, awards and showcase events, and a number of state universities have launched capital funds, such as Indiana University’s Innovate Indiana Fund, the group that participated in our own Series A round. The financial support and expertise that these groups bring is often crucial to early-stage startups hoping to achieve commercial success.

This concept of state involvement is obviously not new, but individual states across the country are certainly stepping up and taking pride in the promotion of innovative businesses and technologies coming out of their cities. An idea, evolving from startup to IPO can bring huge benefits to a city or state in terms of job creation and credibility as well as contribute to the long-term success of the local economy. Take Under Armour as just one of the MANY examples of this concept at work. UA started by Kevin Plank in his dorm room at the University of Maryland is now driving a global business based right in Baltimore. This month Under Armour stated that revenue will rise as much as 29 percent to $3 billion this year. Baltimore is smiling.

In providing early- stage financial assistance through competitions, like this one, and facilitating opportunities for companies, like ours, to make valuable business connections, we hope to continue making Indiana proud of our accomplishments.It is an honor to be recognized by Centric and the IIA panel as an organization deserving of this credibility.

The Day of Innovation team has been promoting the event with the slogan ‘Join the Resistance Against the Status Quo’ (Aka: “Be better than the Gap”). Along with the other finalists, PrecisionHawk will exhibit at the conference. The day will feature executive speakers from Google, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Roche Diagnostics, Stanley Security, Indy Eleven, among others.

Register for the event and come meet our team. We will be happy to spend all day talking about the work we’re doing to promote innovative solutions for civilian applications across Indiana and the globe.