PrecisionHawk Explores Extreme-Weather Testing of Drones With ACE Research Centre

OSHAWA, ONTARIO – PrecisionHawk has successfully completed the world’s first extreme-weather testing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the ACE climatic wind tunnel at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). The extreme-weather and shock and vibration testing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will accelerate the design cycle and development of protocols related to UAV safety and reliability.

PrecisionHawk -international UAV market leader- worked with engineering experts at ACE – the university’s $100 million multi-purpose testing and product development facility – to explore the impact of harsh climates and unpredictable weather conditions on typical UAV navigation and operation.

“Through our capacity to generate any weather condition imaginable, everything we do at ACE helps push the extreme limits of engineering,” said Don Toporowski, ACE General Manager. “ACE is focused on commercializing new and promising technologies, so we are extremely excited to launch this joint development agreement to help PrecisionHawk break new ground as it leads the way in setting new UAV safety standards.”

The ACE-PrecisionHawk program is funded in part by National Research Council Canada’s Business Innovation Access Program.

“PrecisionHawk understands that safety and reliability are key concerns for UAV regulators and the public,” said Ernest Earon, PrecisionHawk CTO and co-founder. “UAVs have an enormous number of civil applications such as agriculture, insurance or helping utilities inspect equipment in remote locations. Ensuring and proving UAV reliability is a key requirement for future commercial use. ACE offers every possible parameter to help us with our commitment to research how UAVs can safely operate beyond line-of-sight and in real-world conditions.”

Since opening in 2011, ACE has been a vital hub of academic research, industrial discovery and advanced innovation. ACE provides value to entrepreneurs, researchers, industry and companies from across Canada and around the world who are seeking to bring new ideas to market. ACE’s customers have employed the facility’s leading-edge testing chambers, which include one of the largest and most sophisticated climatic wind tunnels on the planet.

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