PrecisionHawk Commits to Education of UAS Community Through New Training Program

As the unmanned aircraft systems industry continues to evolve dynamically, the benefits of gaining an education specific to UAS have become apparent. PrecisionHawk is a leader in the commercial drone space and one of the few companies that is committed to providing cutting-edge learning opportunities for students, pilots and aspiring employees of the UAS industry.
To do so, PrecisionHawk is working with some of the nationwide leaders in UAS education to launch the Line-of-Sight Operations Certification program. The LOS operations program is designed to further develop the skillsets of the existing Part 107 Remote Pilot and further train them to safely operate a small UAS in the national airspace system (NAS) through a variety of mission sets that include area, vertical, and linear line-of-sight operations.

Additional subject matter will involve an explanation of UAS technologies, a review of sUAS platforms, and an in-depth examination of sUAS systems. A solid base of knowledge combined with practical flight experience is required to qualify to test for this certification.

In the commercial sector, rapid growth is occurring in the fields of aerial (drone) surveying in support of many large-scale industries including real estate development, commercial inspections, emergency response and agribusiness. Additionally, small UAS are being used in powerline, pipeline, cellular/radio tower inspection, and infrastructure inspection (bridges, highways, buildings). The use case in all of these examples includes a combination of personnel risk management, unprecedented access, and decreased economic costs. In the public sector, sUAS are being used to aid police and fire departments by gaining situational awareness in the commission of a crime, combating of a fire, and search for missing people.

Graduates will not only receive improved education and training on performing safe and professional operations, they will receive access to discounts on drone technology, mapping and analytics software licenses for professional use and preferred status in PrecisionHawk’s drone pilot network, Droners.io. Droners.io is a network of over 15,000 certified pilots who primarily service PrecisionHawk’s enterprise customers in the insurance, energy and construction industries.

Since the Federal Aviation Administration began allowing corporations to use drones for commercial purposes in 2016, PrecisionHawk has fielded increasing demand for drone flight services from the business and government sectors. Operators who work within Droners.io help to support the growing demand for timely and consistent aerial data collection nationwide.

The Line-of-Sight Operations Certification program is set to launch in early 2019. Sign-up to receive up to date information on the program or email info@precisionhawk.com.