by Laurie Bedord for Agriculture.com

PrecisionHawk, a remote sensing and data processing services company, has added DuPont to the list of companies that have joined its round of series C funding. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based PrecisionHawk has been providing its tools and services to DuPont for a number of years. Through this collaboration, the companies will work to accelerate the commercial use of drones and build tools that will be the most useful for agriculture.

“At DuPont Pioneer, we’re driving a new era of agriculture productivity that enables farmers to increase profitability and sustainability through data-driven insights,” says Neal Gutterson, DuPont Pioneer vice president of research & development. “The deepening of our relationship with PrecisionHawk is an important part of the Pioneer digital agriculture platform strategy, as well as our Encirca services offering. Our goal is to provide growers valuable prediction-based product placement insights by incorporating elite genetics, agronomic management, and environmental variation analysis into our already successful prediction-based breeding program.”

With this investment, PrecisionHawk’s total funding adds up to more than $30 million. The funds will be used to continue product innovation and global expansion of the company’s terrestrial data services, DataMapper, and low-altitude safety infrastructure, LATAS.

“Working with an influential client like DuPont, we immediately saw the value that has yet to be unlocked for aerial data analysis in agriculture,” says Christopher Dean, president of PrecisionHawk. “With investors now representing the agriculture, insurance, and telecommunication industries, PrecisionHawk is well positioned to understand the nuance that will help us create unique value for all of our commercial partners.”

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