Ag and Aerospace Expert Joins PrecisionHawk as VP of Strategy

Denmark. Colombia. Australia. Argentina. Poland. Colombia. India.

No, we’re not curating a list of ideal vacation destinations. But YES, we’ve definitely gone global recently, in our own sUAV kind of way. The aforementioned are actually some of the regions where PrecisionHawk has operated in over the past year.

Much in part to more established regulations and other instrumental factors, there exists a bevy of strong commercial UAS markets outside US and Canada. In 2014, our team has grown from 10 to north of 50 and we’re just about ready to kick things up a notch. Who better to guide us in this new adventure than someone with deep knowledge and strong roots in both the agriculture and aerospace sectors?

PrecisionHawk is very excited to introduce Thomas Haun, our new Vice President of Strategy and Globalization. Thomas is a sales and business development professional with a decade of experience in building new business opportunities, maximizing financial impact & identifying and maneuvering global economic trends.

With an undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics plus a Harvard MBA, Thomas has spent the last 10 years helping multi-billion dollar companies grow partnerships, increase revenue, and carry out successful business development efforts.

From 2005 to 2009, Thomas assumed multiple key roles at Northop Grumman that ultimately led to over $100M in new contracts. Following his move to Dupont Pioneer in 2011, Thomas drove over $80M in additional revenue by pinpointing global marketing opportunities, building a scalable agriculture services business, reducing development time-to-market and maximizing overall financial gain.


Thomas joined us earlier this year and we sat down with him to pick his brain on his experience, expertise, expectations and why he picked PrecisionHawk (besides the obvious….)

What interests you most about PrecisionHawk?

“The team.  Our range of experiences, deep subject matter expertise, and desire to solve any customer challenge continues to amaze me.  This talented group enabled with the latest technology delivers tailored solutions of high quality information and critical insights that help our customers become more successful.”

What skills do you bring to the company?

“Over the past 10 years, I have managed processes and teams in roles from business development and strategy to marketing and sales.  My time at Northrop Grumman, DuPont, and Pioneer has taught me to translate requirements between technical experts, sales personnel, and customers.  The ability to speak the right language allows me to maximize outcomes for all involved.”

What level of impact do you believe UAV technology and high resolution aerial mapping can have on civilian markets of the future?

“PrecisionHawk sits at the intersection of emerging UAV capabilities and the growing market need for high quality information to derive insights.  This high quality information will make an impact for several global industries, including agriculture and energy.  UAV technology and PrecisionHawk will play a critical role in unlocking the next level of productivity for these industries to meet expanding global demand.”

Your experience in DuPont Pioneer and Northrop Grumman seems to make you a perfect fit for PrecisionHawk. What are you personally most looking forward to work on that contributes to the sustainable ag space?

“By 2050 the global population is projected to exceed 9 billion and achieving sustainability in agriculture will allow us to feed the world.  Delivering new insights to farmers through high quality information will liberate productivity that allows for better harvests from optimum management.  Being able to work each day on providing the foundation for these insights not only excites me, but drives me.”


If you have questions, interesting ideas, or simply want to wish Thomas well on his new venture, drop us a line at info@precisionhawk.com or via Twitter @PrecisionHawk.