PrecisionHawk Receives FAA Exemption for Commercial UAS Operations in the United States

PrecisionHawk will use the Lancaster UAV for precision aerial surveys, including in agriculture as well as flight demonstrations and structural assessment.

PrecisionHawk is excited to announce the launch of our commercial flight servicing program under Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act. Over the past few months, we have built up highly qualified service teams to provide cost effective aerial data capture and analysis tools to our new and existing clients. Section 333 exemptions serve to streamline UAS integration by allowing UAV platforms, deemed safe and reliable, to operate for commercial use under specific guidelines. PrecisionHawk flights will be flown by a registered pilot, conducted during the day, within line-of-sight and will not exceed an altitude of 400 feet.

Through our extensive work in global servicing and expertise across applications, we have crafted a streamline workflow that goes beyond planes and pictures. We provide answers.  Our focus is on equipping businesses with a team of PrecisionHawk technicians and GIS scientists to develop an aerial data strategy that addresses specific needs, capabilities and operations.

Under our servicing program, users will also have access to DataMapper, PrecisionHawk’s cloud-based software partner. The geospatial data collected by the fixed-wing UAS, the Lancaster, will provide customers with immediate decision-making power using advanced, back-end processing and analytics tools.

This workflow ties together all the key elements of aerial intelligence -- UAV hardware, market-leading sensors and an automated analytics software to ensure a return on your investment.

As of April 16, 2015, the Federal Aviation Authority [FAA] has granted 159 exemptions that will allow companies and UAV manufacturers to conduct nationwide UAS operations. These exemptions include a number of PrecisionHawk clients that will be flying the Lancaster UAV such as USAA and AIG.

As we begin servicing across North America, PrecisionHawk will continue to support the FAA’s efforts to safely integrate drones into the National Airspace by developing smarter solutions and best practices to guide our clients across a wide variety of applications.

Our team of experts will turn your aerial data into decision making power. Contact PrecisionHawk about your servicing needs by emailing us at info@precisionhawk.com.