A Bird’s Eye View: Meet Dr. Philip Ferguson

“PrecisionHawk addresses a growing, insatiable need for data in one of the most basic and critical industries for human prosperity — agriculture.  Big picture knowledge has the potential to revolutionize virtually any industry, as has been demonstrated in the past.  The space age brought unprecedented weather monitoring and prediction capability to societies on Earth.  The internet’s global connections of communities changed the way the world interacts.  Similarly, UAV technology, and in particular, PrecisionHawk, will change the way we interact with our planet and our planet’s resources forever and for the better.” - Dr. Philip Ferguson

In the technology space, insiders often underscore the unparalleled value of a product team’s vision and aptitude. At PrecisionHawk, we truly take pride in our offerings the same way we tip our hats to the forces that build them. At the helm of these world-class pioneers, is Dr. Philip Ferguson, our VP of Product Development.

Phil obtained his doctorate in aerospace engineering from MIT and holds over 15 years of experience working with the likes of NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. Beyond his engineering rigour, Phil inherently believes in creating solutions that encourage self-sufficiency and sustainability.

In this episode of a Bird’s Eye View, we give you a behind the scenes look at the processes involved in developing a highly transformative technology poised to solve current and yet to be discovered global challenges.

A Bird’s Eye View is a series produced by PrecisionHawk to offer a unique glimpse into the company’s product and technical team. See previous episodes here.