A Bird's Eye View: Meet Ali Punjani

“As PrecisionHawk has been growing, changing and morphing, my interests and expertise and skill level have been changing on a similar path.” - Ali Punjani

One of the most exciting things about being a part of an agile and innovative work environment is witnessing top talent adapt and grow through their time at PrecisionHawk. Ali Punjani, PrecisionHawk Special Projects Engineer, is one of our earliest team members. Having initially focused on hardware development efforts, Ali is now one of our top engineers laser-focused on building analysis tools that are available inside of aerial data software, DataMapper.

Learn more about Ali’s journey and his vision for the future as we zero in on redefining the boundaries of aerial data analytics.

A Bird’s Eye View is a series produced by PrecisionHawk to offer a unique glimpse into the company’s product and technical team. See previous episodes here.