Webinar: How to Make Farming Your Second Language

Doing More than Data Collection

There’s a common misconception that drone service providers “just collect data.” However, for agriculture clients, the value isn’t in data alone. Rather, it’s in how data is applied. To help agriculture professionals turn aerial data into actionable intelligence, drone service providers have to effectively communicate about agriculture.

In other words, they must "speak the language of the farmer."

How to Make Farming Your Second Language

On Wednesday, October 18, Bobby Vick, our Agriculture Enterprise Solutions Executive, will deliver a webinar that will help make farming your “second language.”  

You’ll learn about farm management systems, pricing per acre, and developing pitches that communicate how drone technology improves agricultural operations (like plant counting, yield prediction, disease pressure mapping, and drought stress identification).

Ultimately, Bobby will give you the tools you need to communicate about drone technology in a way farmers will understand.

About Bobby

Bobby holds a Ph.D in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from NC State University and has worked with key stakeholders in the agriculture industry, from major seed and chemical manufacturers to academic leaders, equipment dealers, and farmers themselves.

photo courtesy of Becky Kirkland/North Carolina State University

In October of 2016, he joined PrecisionHawk to help agriculture clients pioneer drone programs.


Learn more about how to communicate the value of drones to leaders in the agriculture industry, register to attend Bobby’s presentation and participate in a live Q&A.

To learn more about drones, algorithms, and how to add aerial intelligence to agriculture programs, visit our Smart Agriculture page or speak with a PrecisionHawk expert today.