DataMapper InFlight Available on iOS

In May, DataMapper, a division of PrecisionHawk, released the DataMapper Inflight mobile application as a tool that uses smart phones or tablets to intelligently fly DJI drones to capture aerial imagery for analysis. Today, we are excited to announce the release of DataMapper InFlight on the Apple App Store.  Download here for free!

What’s DataMapper InFlight?

Tapping into the largest consumer drone user base, DataMapper InFlight connects with DJI drones to automatically capture images during an auto-flight. Post-processing, users can apply automated analysis of their 2D/3D maps in DataMapper's Algorithm Marketplace.

How does it work?

DataMapper InFlight is focused on making the user experience as seamless as possible. These steps outline and demonstrate how easy it is to operate.

1. Download the DataMapper InFlight app and connect the phone with an already-purchased DJI drone.

iPhone_3 screen

2. Select the area of interest.

iPhone_1 screen

3. Fly! Tap "Start" and watch your drone take off and complete the flight plan automatically.

iPhone_2 screen

4. Process and analyze the images in the Algorithm Marketplace, an automated app store for drone data analysis.

DataMapper Deck_FINAL (dragged)

Who benefits?

Collecting aerial imagery has historically required professionals well trained in GIS or unmanned aerial systems. DataMapper InFlight is changing the game by allowing anyone with a DJI drone to seamlessly complete an aerial survey. Post-processing, the map can be analyzed using sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, algorithms. Current apps include volume measurements, NDVI & other vegetative indices, plant count, plant height and much more. Work in agriculture, energy or insurance? This app is a perfect fit within your existing workflow.

Ready to fly? 

Download DataMapper InFlight today! For more information, email info@DataMapper.com.