Drone Safety App, LATAS, is Your Digital Airspace Observer

A week after becoming the first company approved by the FAA for beyond line of sight commercial drone flights, PrecisionHawk is launching its low altitude traffic and airspace safety platform (LATAS) equipped with live, manned aircraft data. LATAS is the only tool on the market that links drones, 3D ground data and live manned aircraft data into a single system that tells a drone operator when and where it’s safe to fly.

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Quickfire Q&A

What is LATAS?

·      LATAS is a web app that links drones, 3D ground data and live manned aircraft data into a single system to tell a drone operator when and where it’s safe to fly.



What is the goal of LATAS?

·      LATAS makes the operator as knowledgeable as possible about the environment around them during flight to improve safety for drone operators, airports and drone manufacturers. (Particularly important during flights beyond visual line of sight.)

What are the highlights of this announcement?

·      LATAS is available today for drone operators via a free web app. Sign up, it's free!

·      The LATAS API is available to drone manufacturers and app developers to build in safety services for operators. Currently available for PrecisionHawk and DJI flyers on iOS and Android. You can download the DataMapper InFlight app here.

·      Through a partnership with Harris Corporation, a systems integrator for the FAA, LATAS has access to live manned aircraft data.

Why is Harris data so important?

·      LATAS does not use open source flight data that alerts a drone operator of hazards on a delay.

·      During drone flights beyond line of sight flight, receiving instant notifications can greatly improve your chance of avoiding potential hazards.

·      What's next? Harris and LATAS are also building tools for drones and manned aircraft to see each other’s real-time location for the first time.



How do you see ground obstacles?

·      LATAS uses a proprietary, high-resolution 3D map of the globe that includes every building and tree to help the operator avoid ground hazards as well as ones in the air.


Who is LATAS for?

·      Harris’ airspace data is available today through the LATAS API to drone manufacturers and app developers. Get in touch with us about integration.

·      PrecisionHawk will use LATAS for all BVLOS flights within the DataMapper InFlight App

·      Drone operators can sign up to use the LATAS dashboard for free today at for flight planning, hazard notifications and airspace information like no fly zones.