Adopting Drones For The US Airspace

Tyler Collins will be speaking at the Shaftesbury Society Luncheon hosted by the John Locke Foundation.

Presentation Title: Adopting Drones For The US Airspace

About This Presentation
Mr. Collins will provide an overview of the burgeoning drone industry. At any given moment there are 5,000 commercial airplanes flying over the United States. Over the next five years over 30,000 drones are expected to join them. This increase in air traffic poses a major safety hazard to pilots, drone operators, and people on the ground, and existing technology is unable to track and manage the rapid growth. As drones begin to fill the sky, Mr. Collins believes there is a need for industry leaders to work with regulators to determine technologies that are safe and reliable. PrecisionHawk, HQ in Raleigh, is the only drone manufacturer chosen to work with the Federal Aviation Administration to create and test solutions for widespread drone integration. Mr. Collins will also touch on his view that there is a need for readjusted state legislation in order to welcome and retain fast growing companies like PrecisionHawk. 

About Tyler Collins
Mr. Collins graduated from the Indiana State University Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) program with a degree in aviation technology and unmanned systems. While attending ISU, Collins established the Unmanned Systems Club and was awarded the Aviation Association of Indiana scholarship. He came to PrecisionHawk in 2012 as a field engineer and has since grown to lead many of the company's partnership initiatives, including the most recent one with insurance giant USAA. Collins, a certified pilot, has written each of the company's certificates of authorization and 333 Exemptions, which allow drone flight in the United States. He is well versed in the regulatory landscape and coordinates with PrecisionHawk clients to obtain authority so that they may fly in the United States. In 2014, Collins created PrecisionHawk’s LATAS [Low-Altitude Tracking and Avoidance System] solution, which has received significant interest as a means to encourage widespread adoption of UAVs. He is the main contact point between PrecisionHawk and the Federal Aviation Administration on all regulatory and safety initiatives. 

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